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Duplicast: By Clones, For Clones

Duplicast: By Clones, For Clones

Podcast Duplicast: By Clones, For Clones
Podcast Duplicast: By Clones, For Clones

Duplicast: By Clones, For Clones


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  • Jurassic Mistakes
    Sarah and Delphine team up to battle the neolutionists, family ties are strained and remade, and our clone hosts try to pick up the pieces after Orphan Black's shocking Season 3 finale.  Then, Hanna and Emma welcome back the father of modern cloning, Dr. Brian Chair, for a reconciliatitory chat. But when things go south and Dr. Chair reveals the ability to morph into a velociraptor, clone sister/escape artist/friend Blake Pastrydough appears to vomit up some help.
  • Crowdsourcing a Clone
    Delphine goes full Single White Female on Shay, the Castor mole isn't who we expect, and Hanna and Emma explain what happens when our beloved Orphans head across the pond. Then, our clone hosts are joined by Dr. Carmen Blade, CEO of the Agnes Corporation, who thinks we all need clone cell lines of our own. She explains how Hanna and Emma's signature characteristics are actually a product of board-driven decision making. Thank you, Carrot Top!
  • Codebreakers and Baby Oxen
    Rachel is back, and she looks GOOD. Doctor Coady is unkillable, it turns out, and the Hendrix household gets another new member. Welcome Helena, you baby ox, you. Then, world-renowned cryptographer Johnny Taiwan joins Emma and Hanna to explain the science of cracking codes, and correctly guesses all of our email passwords. You have to hear it to believe it.
  • We Talk to Mark Wahlberg, Champion of Clones
    Cosima and Alison pull a switcheroo over some much needed pee, Helena and Mrs. S finally come to blows, and as our clone hosts explain, a fierce hug heals all wounds. Then, Mark Wahlberg - or someone who sounds a whole lot like him - talks about his lifelong connection to the clone community: His mother Connie. He also reveals the ingredients in a Wahlburger and the plot to the upcoming Entourage movie. [Hint: They're all clones.]
  • When Television and Science Collide in a Fiery Ball
    Sarah and Helena hash it out in captivity, Cosima's new girlfriend might be sinister and Paul takes on the government – until it blows up in his face. Then Hanna and Emma talk with Dr. Johnny Von McNulty, the Jeremy Piven Chair of Television Science at Harvard College, Dublin. We think he's saying that Orphan Black's central metaphor is about how our increasing attempts at individuation are dooming us. Or not. But this much is clear: If Ayn Rand made a cartoon, it would be Gem and the Holograms.

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