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Podcast Open Talk Podcast
Podcast Open Talk Podcast

Open Talk Podcast


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  • #135 ownership | english
    The beauty of this podcast here is that I can just turn on my mic and let things out. This morning, I had a strong urge to talk about ownership. By ownership I especially mean taking responsibility for myself. Now it’s 3pm and I’m sitting at my desk after just finishing this episode here, and I gotta tell you - it feels good to share. If you wanna find out why I’m so tired of blaming others and why choosing love comes hand in hand with owning it - press play.
  • #134 clarity | english
    Last Tuesday, I made it quite obvious to myself that I’m really not doing well at the moment. I’m empty, I feel disconnected, and I have a constant need of numbing myself. The beauty of these realizations is that it always allows us to look at things as they are. This episode is me talking about it. Choose the love, love yourself guys <3
  • #133 i feel a lot | english
    We're just heading out for dinner with some friends but I felt like turning the mic on for a bit. Feel free to listen
  • #132 november to november | english
    My last 12 months in a nutshell. This is what happened and how it made me feel. Longest episode I did just by myself. Feel free to hit the play button :)
  • #131 supply chain | english
    Last night I was sitting on the couch in the office thinking about things... and at some stage it felt like something hit me. The topic of supply chains crossed my mind and I thought: "Hey, I created this for myself!" Today I turned on the mic and talked about it. What do I mean by having my own supply chain and what it brings to my life, you find out by hitting the play button :)

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