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SModcast - Nooner

Podcast SModcast - Nooner
Podcast SModcast - Nooner

SModcast - Nooner


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  • 349: Why Do We Need Krueger?
    Krueger returns to tell us about his escapades at the WGA awards and the state of writing for movies and TV today. Plus the usual funnin' around and other MIRP nonsense. A classic Nooner! Where are your emails? [email protected]
  • 348: Litty Titty City
    In Cassandra's last podcast--as a single person, we go through the MCU phases, talk about what makes an interesting hero, share thoughts about marriage, and talk about learnings from COVID. Join in! [email protected]
  • 347: TIRPs (Trivial Internet Radio Personalities)
    John and Marty, having been demoted from MIRPs, do their damnedest to get back in the good graces of Papa Smith. They talk about cancel culture in video games, emerging tech, and the state of movie theaters. Plus, John is so fucking old. Join the conversation: [email protected]
  • 346: Babylon Is the Worst First Date
    Marty and John talk nonsense, but just fast forward to hear the funny MIRP, Cassandra, talk about why weddings are bullshit and why Babylon is like disappointing sex. And then let us know what you think: [email protected]
  • 345: Heavy Flow
    Marty and John talk about what makes their juices flow, contemplate their legacies, and other light-hearted topics. Then Marty reads a long list of movies to piss John off. Why is the sack so light? [email protected]

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