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Podcast St. Louis on the Air
Podcast St. Louis on the Air

St. Louis on the Air


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  • ‘It is hurting us’: Trans kids and parents in Missouri speak out, and brace for bans
    Trans kids and their families are being targeted by dozens of proposed bills in the Missouri legislature. But deciding how, when, and why to transition is actually a conversation parents and kids have been having for years — without lawmakers. Three sets of parents, as well as their children, each trans boys between the ages of 9 and 11, discuss what it’s like to grow up trans in Missouri, from how they chose their own names, to their thoughts on why so many adults in the state legislature don’t accept them the way they are.
  • Forest ReLeaf and Scott Joplin House partner to bring quality tree cover to north St. Louis
    Healthy trees not only beautify neighborhoods, they promote better health outcomes for residents. Leaders from Forest ReLeaf and Scott Joplin House discuss a partnership to support new tree growth in the city — particularly in its underserved communities.
  • Drag queens to lead protest in St. Louis against proposed bans
    As Missouri and other state legislatures pursue bans on drag shows, a new group in St. Louis, It’s All Drag, is pushing back. Jordan Elizabeth Braxton and Prism co-owner Michael Klataske, both fixtures of St. Louis’ drag scene, discuss the meaning behind drag, its impact and why it’s now come under attack.
  • A centuries-old church from London was destroyed twice. It’s now being restored in Missouri
    Seventy-seven years ago, former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill visited Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, and delivered his famous “Iron Curtain” speech. In the 1960’s, college leaders sought to commemorate Churchill’s visit so they devised a plan to rebuild a church in Fulton that had been destroyed twice in London: once by a fire in the 1600s and then again during World War II. Dedicated in Fulton in 1969, St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury is now undergoing a $6 million renovation. Tim Riley, director and chief curator at America’s National Churchill Museum, talks about Churchill’s connection to Missouri, the restoration of the church and about the parallels to Russia’s illegal war against Ukraine.
  • Remembering Mary Oscko, an advocate for Coldwater Creek contamination victims
    Mary Oscko and her family were blindsided by her stage 4 cancer diagnosis in December 2013. She had just finished her nursing degree and was set to walk the stage that same month. Instead of taking up nursing, she began advocating for victims of radioactive waste exposure that resulted from the Manhattan Project. Mary passed away February 20, 2023.

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