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  • Guantanamo Bay Detention Center 20 Years Later 2022-01-14
    This week marked 20 years since the opening of Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, a military detention facility that has been controversial since its inception. We took the entire hour to understand what has happened there and why it matters. Guest 🎙: Wells Dixon, senior staff attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights Earl Catagnus Jr., an adjunct professor in Security and Risk Analysis a Penn State University Brandywine Mansoor Adayfi, former Detainee at Guantanamo Bay and author of the book “Don’t Forget Us Here: Lost and Found at Guantanamo” Steve Wood,  former Guantanamo Bay Detention Center guard Carol Rosenberg, Guantanamo Bay Reporter for The New York Times Congressman Adam Schiff, (D-CA 28th District) Chairman of the House Intelligence committee Outgoing Congressman David Price of California
  • A Look at New Weight Loss Meds and Weight Related Stigma 2022-01-13
    A Look at New Weight Loss Meds and Weight Related Stigma: The Takeaway spoke with Emma Court, health reporter at Bloomberg News about this new class of weight loss drugs. And maybe you’ve noticed there is more than a little fat-shaming going on around Covid-19, obesity, and mortality. We also spoke about this with Paula Atkinson, a body liberation psychotherapist and professor at George Washington University, where she teach a course about body justice called Weight and Society. Masking 101: The Takeaway spoke to Dr. Lisa  Maragakis, Professor of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Senior Director of Healthcare Epidemiology and Infection Prevention with the Johns Hopkins Health System, about the latest on masking, which masks are most effective, and more. Why Some Star Athletes Refuse The Vaccine And Get Away With It: We speak with sportswriter Kavitha Davidson about why this mentality from these players matters in the sports world and beyond. Navarro is Back on the Mat for Season 2 of Cheer: We speak with the director and executive producer of Cheer, Greg Whiteley, about what to expect this season and why the docuseries has us all cheering for the cheerlebrities of Navarro. For transcripts, see individual segment pages.
  • Biden's ATL Voting Rights Speech 2022-01-12
    Biden's ATL Voting Rights Speech: Mother Jones Senior Reporter and author of Give us the Ballot Ari Berman and Barbara Arnwine, President and Co-Leader of the Transformative Justice Coalition, joined us to discuss the pros and cons of the president’s speech and whether the president’s speech will move the needle on this issue. Across the Country, Substitute Teachers Are In Demand Giulia Heyward, reporter at the New York Times, joins The Takeaway to discuss the staffing shortage, what it’s meant for substitute teachers, and more. The Dangers of Restricting Teachers From Teaching: Last week, during an Indiana state senate committee hearing on an education bill, state senator Scott Baldwin argued that educators “need to be impartial” when teaching about Marxism, Nazism, and fascism. We spoke with Pedro A. Noguera, Dean of the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California, about the dangers of placing these limits on educators, and hear from Indiana teacher Matt Bockenfeld, whose comments sparked Senator Baldwin’s controversial remarks. For transcripts, see individual segment pages.
  • Rep. Adam Schiff on the January 6th Committee and Restoring Trust After Trump 2022-01-11
    Rep. Adam Schiff on the January 6th Committee and Restoring Trust After Trump: The Takeaway speaks with Representative Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and one of the members of the House committee investigating the insurrection, about the work of the January 6th committee and some of the other central issues facing Congress and the Democrats today. Holly Robinson Peete, An Advocate for Autism: Actress, author and “gangsta mom of four” Holly Robinson Peete joins us to talk about her advocacy work for kids on the autism spectrum and her decision to go public about her son’s diagnosis. How Researchers Are Using Stem Cells To Learn More About A Rare Form of Autism: We spoke with Dr. Joseph Dougherty,  professor of genetics and psychiatry at Washington University in St Louis about the research that he and his team are conducting.  For transcripts, see individual segment pages.
  • Disagreements Between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union Result in Closures 2022-01-10
    Disagreements Between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union Result in Closures: The Takeaway speaks with Nader Issa, reporter covering education for the Chicago Sun-Times, about the recent disagreements with the Chicago Teachers Union and the Chicago Public School district, and we hear from teachers and parents.  Bronx Apartment Fire Leaves 17 Dead: We were joined by Jake Offenhartz, WNYC and Gothamist Reporter to discuss the apartment building fire. Sidney Poitier and Professor Lani Guinier Pass Away at Ages 94 and 71: Our host reflects on the legacy of these two figures.  Do We Understand The Full Breadth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Message?: Scott Roberts, senior Director of Criminal Justice Campaigns for Color of Change and Patrisse Cullors, New York Times bestselling author, educator, artist and abolitionist joined us to discuss the complicated legacy of Dr. Martin Luter King Jr. and how there’s still so much work to be done to realize his dream in full. For transcripts, see individual segment pages.

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