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Podcast Vertigoa



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  • Littfish @Vertigoa 2021-02-17
    More Music : ****** Vertigoa Show from Feb 17 2021 Started with Talented new Creators and shifted to some crunchy vibes With a special Spotlight on Processor & Arara new Ep: Cyberspace grab it : And Ka-Sol's Album: Earth: ****** Tracklist: Opale - Welcome To The Real World Processor & Arara - Do You Believe in Aliens Barmohak-DMC Event Horizon - Seeing Sounds Event Horizon - UFO's Hunt Processor & Arara - Cyberspace Kailum - Born To Death Quadra - Fairy Tales Mechanix - Remember PharaOm - Biomechanical Civilization Tristan vs. Laughing Buddha - Levels Of Truth Tristan vs. Aphid Moon - Hammer Time Mechanix - Digital Force Ka-Sol - Tracy snakecharmer Ka-Sol - Earth Ka-Sol - Nattfeber Ka-Sol - Freaked like bacon ****** Join the upcoming journies every wedensday night on: ****** Stay tuned for More Enjoy !
  • Vertigoa #013(s01e13)
    My Monday night Special, for the Release of the amazing album : Psylent Buddhi - Secrets Of The Atom played it at the first part of the show, and added some pearls to it... tons of respect to my dear friend Kobi Harosh A.K.A [email protected] for making this happen ❤ Kobi gave the Creators their music after they lost it 15 years ago free of charge ! Music lover in his bones... and now the Album is released by Suntrip Records : Psylent Buddhi - Secrets Of The Atom, released on 04. Feb 2019 by Suntrip Records - SUNCD53 so you can grab your copy here: Buy : Buy : I've uploaded a shorter version with the first part of the show to my youtube : Super happy weeked to all Enjoy !
  • Vertigoa #012 (s01e12)
    Tacit My Wednesday night show, yeat another old school journey from Darkness to Goa but had to try mixing some Rock with Trancy beats on the intro and outro and i'd just loved it so look forward for some more on my next shows 🤩 Super happy weeked to all ❤ Enjoy !
  • Vertigoa #011 (s01e11)
    Ossify My Thursday night show, the faster part of my Scandi Sounds set ( IV was the buildup for this...) moving from psychadelic trance to a melodical finish A crazy journey you might like Super happy week to all Enjoy !
  • Vertigoa #010 (s01e10)
    Shòu 寿 The Chinese character for double happiness and longevity Wishing it to you all 🙏 Was played on VDJ Radio, lucky for me had nowone playing Live after me So stole a few more minutes 😈 Hope you will like this crazy one Tracklist will be published later on my FB : Super happy weekend Enjoy !

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