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Marriage & Martinis

Podcast Marriage & Martinis
Podcast Marriage & Martinis

Marriage & Martinis


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  • 194. Our Romantic Partner Does Not Complete Us, with Liz Earnshaw
    Liz Earnshaw is the type of relationship expert that concentrates on all of the different, important relationships in our lives, not just the romantic. She has been "obsessed with the idea and inner workings of relationships" since she was a kid. Danielle asks all about the need women have for strong bonds with people other than their romantic partner, and whether or not men innately have that same need. Why do men and women react so differently to emotions, what do we do if we're feeling burdened by fulfilling "all the roles" for our partner, and also, why do our kids need more role models than just their parents? Plus, Liz tells us how she got her husband to do a whole lot more domestic tasks, and how we can, too.Follow Liz on instagram @lizlistensVisit her website, See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • 193. The Intimacy Episode
    What does intimacy actually mean? Danielle and Adam have a raw conversation about this, concentrating on the times they've felt most intimate in their relationship, and the aspects of life that have made their intimacy feel like it was lacking. Danielle gets real about how her weight gain has affected their intimacy in the past few years, and Adam reveals which body part of his about which he's most insecure. The conversation gets intense, and the two wind up focusing on a topic that they really need to discuss, and which will most likely be very relatable to most couples.Date Night QuestionsModern Gents Promo Code: MNM18 See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • 192. The Teenager Episode Part Two
    Trigger Warning: some mentions of suicidal thoughts and suicide.Danielle and Adam continue their conversation about all things teenager related. Danielle gives an update about their daughter Mia and her journey since her ADHD and Autism spectrum diagnosis this past June. Plus, the two discuss how they have worked together to get through this tough time, and what advice they have for other couples going through similar uncharted territory. What do they want their teenagers to understand about the world before they leave the house? What did they not expect about raising teenagers, plus so much more. Date Night Questions See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • 191. The Teenager Episode, Part One
    Trigger Warning: some discussion of eating and body image issues, porn, and other sexual conversation. Following the Bar Mitzvah of their middle child, and in the midst of receiving results from their 16-year-old's neuropsychological examination, Adam and Danielle are feeling like they are fully immersed in the world of teenagers and figuring out how to best support and guide them through this uncertain time. The two of them recall their own past as teenagers, and the ways in which they were rebellious, promiscuous, and "tough" in certain ways. What nickname, looking back, would Danielle give herself, what recurring dream did Adam have as a teenager? Who were their role models? What did their parents do really well? What do they wish they had been told/taught that they weren't? Stay tuned for episode two in a few weeks when the two discuss more about parenting teenagers.To have conversations like this one with your partner, purchase the Date Night Questions ebook. See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • 190. "Moms Moving On," With Michelle Dempsey-Multack
    Popular divorce coach Michelle Dempsey-Multack not only survived her own divorce, but figured out how to move on with her life, just like you will, too. Now happily remarried with a blended family, she’s living proof that no matter which “firsts” you might be experiencing as you end your marriage, and no matter how long you stayed with someone who didn’t meet your needs, your best days are ahead. In this episode, Danielle and Michelle discuss everything from, what really stops most women from leaving toxic relationships, what a person needs to do to prepare to leave, co-parenting, and the myths of divorce that need to be cleared up once and for all. Danielle talks about her own near-divorce and why she felt like leaving wasn't an option. Michelle discusses the details of her own divorce and how growing up with a single mother greatly affected her decision to leave and "move on." Even if you're not someone who has ever contemplated starting again, this episode is so filled with perspectives that will help each of us better support someone else we love who may have chosen to leave a relationship.Purchase the Date Night Questions and use code "MNMPODCAST" for 20% off.Pre-order "Moms Moving On" See for privacy and opt-out information.

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