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Podcast Marriage & Martinis

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  • Finding The Right Fit College, With Peter Tilles
    After recently completing the college admissions process with their oldest child, Adam and Danielle knew they wanted to do a series of episodes for parents who might be anticipating or already immersed in the process. They asked their friend and seasoned admissions consultant, Peter Tilles, to sit down and answer their (and your) questions concerning all things college related. They also knew, however, that they wanted this series to be different than other podcasts that center on higher education in the fact that they want to emphasize the idea of "finding the right fit school" for each unique child. Topics discussed in this episode:How early do parents really need to start thinking about the process, and on what level?What to do if your child has absolutely no idea what kind of college they want and need?How many schools do you really need to go visit?Are students who don't know what they want to study at a disadvantage when applying?Why it's as (if not more) important to consider at which school our kids will want to STAY, not just get in to. How do we prepare our kids for the college admissions process without making it overwhelming?AND SO MUCH MORE!!Looking for help and guidance preparing for your upcoming college visits? Check out the FREE guide created just for Marriage and Martinis listeners. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  • A Taboo Discussion About Vices, Part One
    TW: All things "vice" related. Adam and Danielle make it no secret that they have some questionable life choices. Most people won't talk about the taboo aspects of coping mechanisms due to the shame and stigma. But guess what? Life is hard, and we're not all equipped with the healthiest and most acceptable tactics. This is a safe space for anyone who has at times felt shamed for resorting to vices that aren't "healthy" or socially encouraged. In part one of this series, Danielle and Adam discuss how they've walked the tightrope of edgy behavior, and how their privilege has allowed them to do so. They discuss compassion in a world where people are expected to be able to solve problems in a more "productive" and responsible manner. Plus, they go more in depth discussing a vice in which they've both partaken since a young age and how they were first introduced to this substance. If you are going to listen to this episode, please check your judgment at the door. It's a truly honest conversation about elements of life which about which are greatly shameful to speak.Purchase the Date Night Questions Experience paperback book here. Use code "MNMPODCAST" for 15% off. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  • Sliding Doors
    Adam and Danielle discuss the concert of Sliding Doors and all the ways their lives would be different if they had made alternate momentary decisions. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  • The Porn Conversation with Erika Lust
    Is there any more uncomfortable subject to discuss in a real, educational way than porn? Probably not. Which is exactly why Danielle wanted so desperately to do this episode.Erika Lust is an award-winning, feminist, sex-positive director of adult cinema. Now, she’s made it her mission to educate parents about how we can have these incredibly hard discussions with our kids. Porn is ubiquitous these days. So why are so few people talking about it? Erika breaks down why we can’t wait any longer to dive into the topic and the ways we can do it so it’s not so damn uncomfortable.Use code "mnmpodcast15" to get 15% off the Date Night Questions book. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  • The Rules Are, There Are No Rules
    Danielle and Adam reflect on their household rules growing up (or lack thereof) and how these (non) rules impacted them in becoming the people they are today. They discuss how their "rules" around religion have changed, which societal rules we need to get rid of, and what the rules of their household are now that they're supposedly in charge. What's the only movie Danielle's mom ever made them walk out of and why? What were the rules living in the dorm at Adam's boarding school? What would their kids say are non-negotiable rules in their family?Have you enjoyed a Marriage and Martinis episode lately? Please take a moment to rate and review. It means so much and truly does help. Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Enter code "mnmpodcast" to get 15% off the Date Night Questions paperback book or ebook.Also, there are still a few limited edition Valentine's Day Date Night Boxes, but hurry (US shipping included in the price). Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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