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Podcast Car Talk

Car Talk


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  • #2276: Running on Empty
    Barbara's husband was in the middle of changing the oil on their truck when he suddenly felt an urgent need for a haircut. Upon returning, he finds only the truck's oil pan filled with oil and no pickup truck. Barbara knows that her quick trip may have hurt the truck but how much damage has she done to her husband? Find out on this episode of the Best of Car Talk.
  • #2275: A Darker and Stormier Night
    "It was a dark and stormy night." In his never ending quest to make the puzzler 'less lousy' each week, Ray decides to appropriate the consensus pick for 'worst opening line of a novel', penned in the 1800s by Edward B Lytton, for this week's puzzler offering with Tommy helping to make it a bit darker and stormier. Check it out on this episode of the Best of Car Talk.
  • #2274: Never Listen to Your Brother
    Tanya from Virginia has the good fortune to have a brother advising her on whether or not to junk her seven-year-old Mazda. Unfortunately, her brother is also a car salesman. Does the sibling bond overcome the sleaze factor in this situation? Click and Clack try to find out on this episode of the Best of Car Talk.
  • #2273: More Important Than a Clutch Adjustment
    Stuart from Tennessee has been experiencing premature wear out of the clutch on his Nissan. One of our hosts, while helping Stuart understand why he should fix this immediately realizes that he is also experiencing wear out due to insufficient 'freeplay'. More calls and a new Puzzler on this episode of the Best of Car Talk.

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