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SModcast - Last Week on Earth

Podcast SModcast - Last Week on Earth
Podcast SModcast - Last Week on Earth

SModcast - Last Week on Earth


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  • #252: The New Season Starts Now!
    The pod is back! Gleib catches us up on everything since last season. Including his new hour special "THE MAD KING" dropping on Youtube Aug 14! His engagement! FBI raids Trump. Dad jokes. Beyonce changes her lyrics. Russia invades Ukraine. Demi Lovato is a she again. Gun reform passes. Some Kardashian BS. Inflation Reduction Act Passes. Jan 6 hearings close in on the Orange Monster. McDonalds against McWar Crimes. Gleib starts therapy and quits adderall. Vegas gives money away. A homophobic principal. A sexually inappropriate teacher. The Big Burqa Bounce Back. Liam Neeson loves guns. And Los Lobos Reinvents Itself. Please share the new hour special THE MAD KING, on Helium Comedy Studios YouTube and leave comments on it! And you can support Gleib and the pod at
  • #250: Virtually Live with Maz Jobrani & Katrina Davis
    Gleib is joined by Katrina Davis & Maz Jobrani recorded in front of a live virtual audience on the new app Fireside. They discuss pranking David Beckham. Gleib’s hidden camera video at an Anti-Vax restaurant. U.S. botched pullout from Afghanistan. Britney. J Lo & Affleck back together. The Bachelorette. A dangerous roller coaster. Only Fans. And better PR for bats. Follow @mazjobrani @katrinasivad, download Fireside Chat, and support the podcast with great perks at
  • #249: Iliza Shlesinger is Good on Audio
    After 10 years, Gleib's dear friend Iliza Shlesinger joins him to talk about her new movie "Good on Paper" and how Gleib new her lying ex the film is based on, changing priorities as you get older, jealousy and whether it can be healthy, how past trauma can effect us, what the biggest problems facing us are, her work ethic, and what we are most excited about and annoyed by now that life is back post-pandemic. Plus Gleib asks her for a part in her next movie, and then he tells us about maybe the weirdest thing to ever happen at a swingers club. Follow @iliza and support the pod at
  • #248: Godfrey: Street Love
    Godfrey joins Gleib to discuss street love. Anger & Black oppression. Why he won’t get a vaccine yet and thinks Bill Gates is shady. Billionaires not returning calls. Reflections on the Chauvin trial and verdicts. Are police trained to hate Black and Latino folks? Auditioning via zoom. Virtual comedy shows. Why he hates improv. Joe Rogan. Dimming the sun. Are things getting better? Listen and find out. Follow @godfreycomedian and support the pod at
  • #247: Blair Imani joins Gleib
    Gleib summarizes the absurdity, then is joined by Blair Imani, the critically-acclaimed historian, social activist, and public speaker to discuss if Harriet Tubman should be on the $20, if any progress was made in the Black Lives Matter protests last summer, the acceptance of other races, gender identities and religions, and why she is semi-retired from organizing. Plus Gleib covers Nicholas Cage's fifth marriage, anal COVID tests, CPAC and the fake outrage over Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head being "cancelled" but not cancelled, Biden somehow getting in trouble for saying Neanderthal Thinking, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the smuggling of 68 pounds of cocaine and 200 pounds of bologna, weird things said on dates, and Gleib shares some good personal news. Support the pod at

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