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Your Mom's House

Your Mom's House

Podcast Your Mom's House
Podcast Your Mom's House

Your Mom's House


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  • Grossed Out | Your Mom's House Ep. 699
    SPONSORS:-Go to to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice.Mommies only this week in the mommy-dome with Tom Segura and Christina P. We talk about a fun box of DVD's Tom had, false advertising, and big D problems. Would you rather be 400 lbs or have your spouse be 400 lbs? The fans weigh in! Christina surprises Tom with a disgusting booger confession from Ali Macofsky and Christina asks Tom maybe the coolest question of all time. They discuss sharing tapes with your dad, where the most loads get spilled, some of the worst tattoos you've EVER seen, and Dhar Mann's actors protesting. Christina argues a bold defense strategy for Leonardo DiCaprio, they discuss Jonah Hill's Netflix documentary "Stutz," and we follow up on the roommate from hell. We watch a super cool Chiro adjustment, see more mommies telling their baristas they love them, Starbucks, TikToks and Nature is Metal.
  • North Korea Tourism w/ Duncan Trussell | Your Mom's House Ep. 698
    Welcome back to the Mommy Dome with tom Segura and Christina P! Tom addresses the rumors about his DSL’s, the general behavior of dudes, Jamie Lee Curtis and where Nadav has been. The mommies review more of the worst tramp stamps the fans submitted and the new Netflix show “My Lover, My Killer.”We then welcome comedian and podcaster Duncan Trussell! They talk about their end of life plans, banging in MRI machines, and burping in space, and death ceremonies. The mommies show Duncan some horrible or hilarious clips, cool people promoting the Philippines and North Korea. Tom talks about meeting Jason Mamoa, we see a roommate from hell, how Duncan got into the Comedy Store, and a cool guy that gives tips to dudes on how to pick up women.
  • Trailer Trash Tammy w/ Chelcie Lynn | Your Mom's House Ep. 697
    JEANS UP!! This week, Tom Segura and Christina P discuss why you can’t burp in space, Tom’s experience at the Daytona 500, Instagram models, and gives an update on his basketball game against Erie, PA weatherman David Wolter. They watch videos of a dude explaining how to clean up before a girl comes over, and some listener-submitted videos of saying “I love you” at drive thrus.Chelcie Lynn joins the Main Mommies to discuss creating her character Trailer Trash Tammy, her upbringing in Oklahoma, Hilaria Baldwin, farts, the music Tim and Christine play for their kids, sleeping masks, Pazsitzky Effects, and much more! They wrap up by watching a batch a CP’s TikTok curations.
  • You're Fired! w/ Matt Fulchiron | Your Mom's House Ep. 696
    Sponsors:-Go to to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice.Unfortunately, Christina P is no longer with us, but Matt Fulchiron joins Tom Segura in her place. Matt and Tom discuss marriage and religion, share some of their wildest stories about confrontations, discuss the time Matt worked for Tom, as well as the time that Matt accidentally hooked up with a prostitute. They watch videos of a heated confrontation between a grown man and some teenagers, a freakout in an appliance store, Elton John going off on one of his audio techs, a “sissy” Cool Guy, and an update from Erie weatherman David Wolter.
  • Valentine's Day Sucks! | Your Mom's House Ep. 695
    HAPPY VALENTIME’S DAY!! On this week’s episode of YMH, Tom Segura and Christina P give their best advice for surviving Valentine’ Day, Tom responds to some listeners about where he actually came on his tour, the mommies give an update on their eye mask revelation, they take a look at some tramp stamps that give Christina a run for her money, and they discuss one of Top Dog’s truest loves: t*ts. They watch a cool update video from Unk Shine, whose camera is, of course, not facing the right way, and a girl showing off some awesome farts!

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