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Bear Brook

Podcast Bear Brook
Podcast Bear Brook

Bear Brook


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  • Introducing Document S3: Death Resulting
    In 2018, Josh Cook sold his friend some drugs. They shot up together. His friend overdosed and died. Some people see that as an accident. The government treated it as a homicide. So which is it? Your answer to that - our  answer to that - will shape how we address the deadliest overdose crisis in American history.Reported and hosted by Bear Brook's Jason Moon, Death Resulting, debuts Dec. 8, 2021 - subscribe now. More at
  • EP 7: The In-Between
    A clue is found buried on an internet message board. DNA is wrestled from rootless hair. Two investigators work parallel leads, and authorities call a press conference. Want to make sure that NHPR continues creating projects like Bear Brook? Donate $20 today.Thanks for your support.  Click here to check out Supervision: Life on Parole, a new four-part podcast from New Hampshire Public Radio.
  • Update: Eric Rasmussen
    A son remembers his father, and searches for clues in his military paperwork. A conversation with one of Terry Rasmussen's surviving children.
  • Update: Ripple Effects
    This is the first in an unknown number of short updates to the story of the Bear Brook murders that we’ll be producing to let listeners know about any breaking news in the case.  This isn't the big news we're hoping to break - stay subscribed for another full episode of Bear Brook that we hope to bring you soon.
  • EP 6: Chameleon
    The case that was solved in reverse leaves many questions unanswered. New methods of inquiry are used to crack other cold cases. Do groundbreaking techniques come at the cost of genetic privacy? Want to make sure that NHPR continues creating projects like Bear Brook? Click here to donate $20. Thanks for your support.  

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