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Halshack indie Rockcast

Halshack indie Rockcast

Podcast Halshack indie Rockcast
Podcast Halshack indie Rockcast

Halshack indie Rockcast


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  • Episode 92: Halshack ep 24.5 (Rap Shack 4) Nov 2021- Bonus show- WARNING 18+ EXPLICIT CONTENT!!
    BRAND NEW MUSIC ALERT!! REVERBNATION CAMPAIGN #2 is underway! Over 1000 submissions so far and here we are with 15 plus new artists! Its Thanksgiving you see and we all have to agree that giving the gift of music is how we find some glee this dismal holiday season! We're still facing a pandemic thats plaguing the world as we head into 2022 so let's all take some time out of our busy hectic lives to share the love of music and mostly positive messages of strength and encouragement plus some damn good beats and hooks along the way. New school, old school, everybody's school!! My 30 years of rap knowledge and expert skills knows exactly what to sniff out of my extensive book of musical knowledge for melody and ambience plus diversity and flow of how a proper show should go and what material should be on display! SKILLS SKILLS SKILLS and what you produce for songs is what gets you on my show! ONLY THE BEST folks! Mainstream doesnt do it this good anymore but I DO, each and EVERY time!!Im proud to have stumbled upon a new collective group hailing from the good ole south. Mississippi has been hiding a gem in a little town south of Jackson. They are known as JOOV brought to us through ROCKPORT ENTERTAINMENT!There's also some of our Halshack rap veterans on deck with YOUNGIE and DON STAXKS (were both discovered during the first campaign with Reverbnation)  JAWNY BADLUCK and JAYBREEZY were picked up from collabs from the BSQUARED MGMT show! We also have more new tracks from newcomers via MLM ENTERTAINMENT and MIKE HOFFMAN with his son MIGS718 showing his "Blessings" in life and LADIBREE receiving blessings as a "BORN WINNER"!This show is FIRE!! that only I can bring exclusively to your ears through your car stereo!!...lolFind all RAP SHACK series and other Halshack shows at my website www.Halshack.com24 hour radio station (random rotation but will run heavily at initial release) all my shows also on AMAZON MUSIC, IHEART, ITUNES, PODOMATIC, STITCHER, XRP RADIO, GOOGLE MUSIC etc.........THANKS so MUCH to all who are involved!! We cant have indie music and a family without supporters to help achieve all our common goals as a team! 
  • Episode 91: Halshack Ep 24.5 (SUPERFINDS) Nov 2021- Bonus show- Top 5 bands- all BATTLE series
    Well well look what we have here! Look, up on stage! Its an actor, no its a dancer, no its the SUPERFINDS! These are all top 5 artists from the various BATTLE series shows. Some even made both top bands in the Batlleshack and Battlevids series! Well done!I try to pick songs, as usual, that have not had much rotation or are new to keep every show as fresh as possible! So in no particular order, other than mastered into my artistic "trademark" flow, I present to you the best of the best of our infamous contest series! Catch all new shows coming soon, every 2 weeks at the least you will get a show from me! Just recently I released SHACKTRACKS 5 onto Zeno FM and Amazon Music as well as my website!www.halshack.com24 hour radio the show all over the web on Iheart, Itunes, Amazon Music, Podomatic and many many more!Thanks for tuning in, if you are new then go back and find all 100 episodes covering over 200 artists, spanning 2000 songs across 10 popular genres over my last 7 years as a podcast!I play no games and make no jokes when I say this IS the next armada of real HIT artists just about left on the planet! Anything that resembles what we once knew on the radio in the 70s 80s 90s and 2000s has been taken in and given a home here at the Halshack! We are building a team here of next level artists and songs that encompass the universe of music that will define the HALSHACK in the years to come!Glad you're all along for the ride!Untill next time! .....REVERBNATION CAMPAIGN #2 is on the way!.Look for Rap Shack 4 to probably kick it off more than likely! 
  • Episode 90: Halshack Ep 24.5 (80s WERE DAZY) Nov 2021- Bonus show (HAPPY HALLOWEEN) rel 10-31-21
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Its the 80's! Nothing screams Halloween and FUN like the 80's!! So lets have an 80's party HALSHACK style! This show includes my signature song from the PAPER JACKETS and STEVIE NICKS!!A 100% authorized personally endorsed created version of STAND BACK!! The band worked behind the scenes personally with miss Nicks for almost 2 years on this song and album that was handed to me as the sole exclusive promoter and podcaster on the planet to have rights to play! Im super super honored!!Cant go into details but the whole project was canned and tanked 1 month before release back in March 2018. The band ultimately went a different direction and signed with an indie label after a series of unfortunate events that I cant divulge because I was involved with this project long before it was ever announced or even known about, still no one really does except for long time fans of my show. Last time this song was played was about 1 year and half ago I believe, so its time to dust the cobwebs off the tune for Halloween and lets have a good ole 80s party with all the gang including BOMBARGO who "recreated" the iconic walk on Abbey Rd in London just to get some "OXYGEN"! (oh and probably so they could take this have a blast with yet another super high quality show from yours truly! Have a fun and happy safe HALLOWEEN 2021!!Find my show everywhere!! ITUNES IHEART, AMAZON MUSIC, PODOMATIC...etc......www.halshack.com24 hour radio PODCASTERS and anyone else with a service to offer! I'm taking FREE ads on my radio station at ZENO FM to help build us all a thriving community of hope and engagement!!Find me on social media or my website or heres my email. Just send me a 30 second ad or less to [email protected] (if you dont have music I may be able to help you with that)
  • Episode 89: Halshack Ep 24.5 (Shackcredibles 3)- Oct 2021 - (honorable mentions) BEST bonus show in our 7 years!
    These are the bands and artists who at least got some votes in our Battleshack 3 competition! All these acts are just brilliant in every way! Best bonus in our 7 year existence! I will add more later to the bio! I needed to get these shows released!
  • Episode 88: Halshack Ep 24 (BATTLESHACK 3) Oct 2021- Full show- Top 10 results
    100th episode spectacular!! Battleshack 3 is here! Best of the new artists over the last 2 years!!90 artists and this is your TOP 10 playlist built by fans and important people in the business!A full bio will be out soon! Just enjoy! Along with SHACKCREDIBLES 3 will be out soon!!

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