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KCRW Film Reviews

Podcast KCRW Film Reviews
Podcast KCRW Film Reviews

KCRW Film Reviews


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  • Swan song for now
    The first time I did a film commentary for KCRW was so many years ago that listeners must have been listening on crystal sets. That long and wonderful run ends today, but not my connection with this special and essential station. I'd like to think you haven't heard the last of me here.
  • Revenge As a Calling
    The hero of Robert Eggers's "The Northman," a Viking warrior in 9th century Iceland, thinks of nothing but avenging the death of his father, whose death may recall the plot of "Hamlet." Rivers of blood are spilled along the way in a dark saga that also casts a light on our time.
  • Settling For Sex While Looking For Love and Romance
    The lovers in "Paris 13th District," a romantic comedy by the French director Jacques Audiard, don't necessarily want to live the erratic lives they're living. They'd rather be solidly grounded, with good jobs and a stable network of friends. Or would they?
  • Above and Beyond
    A new Netflix documentary, "Return To Space," may come on like a promotional piece for SpaceX, and why not? Elon Musk's aerospace venture has achieved remarkable things since it was founded two decades ago. The film is more than that, though. It charts the beginning of a new era in space exploration, and also serves as a testament to the power of failing upward. Way upward.
  • A bad movie following a much worse show
    Watching the Oscarcast in all its astonishing amateurism and then watching "The Contractor" for review is an unwelcome reminder of the state of the movie medium.

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