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My Brother, My Brother And Me

My Brother, My Brother And Me

Podcast My Brother, My Brother And Me
Podcast My Brother, My Brother And Me

My Brother, My Brother And Me


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  • MBMBaM 615: Face 2 Face: Zap Daddies
    Live from the road in beautiful Beantown, it’s the Fancy Takes Flight Boston Show. Now there’s only one McElroy brother who hasn’t gotten stuck in a bathroom before a live show, but don’t worry, his time will come sooner or later.Suggested talking points: Personal Pan Watermelon, Bring Your Python to Work Day, Goodbye Vessel, It’s Time To Summon Grandpa’s GhostFairness West Virginia:
  • MBMBaM 614: Bigfoot Historical Site
    We’ve been struck by a terrifying possibility: what if we’re all just pretending to think? Does that mean that we don’t really exist? How do you know the difference between actually thinking and only acting like you’re thinking? Who knew acting like a Furby could cause this much existential dread.Suggested talking points: Dino Park, Jujubee, Electronic Flour Bag, Building a Mystery, Bugs VizierFairness West Virginia:
  • MBMBaM 613: My Bee, My Bee and Man
    Can we be serious now? We’re going to take a tour of Justin’s memory palace. There’s rooms full of ham, tiny donuts, and people falling all over each other. It makes sense, trust us.Suggested talking points: 14-Year-Old Babysitter to 13-Year Olds, The Bee Limit, Don’t Worry About the Glasses, Un-BiebedFairness West Virginia:
  • MBMBaM 612: Love is a Competition
    We recorded this early, but we desperately need an answer to a mystery. It’s been haunting us since the letter came in. PLEASE release us from this torment.Suggested talking points: You’re the Blood in My Bread, Gozer Beer, Work Glitter, The Tushless Town, Dark Green Iridescent MysteryNARAL Pro-Choice America:
  • MBMBaM 611: Re-Pumba’d
    Sometimes you need to put the bits on hold for a moment to do some inner digging and analyze your dreams. What does a sealion mean to you? No, not THAT. Surely not that. Dream interpretation is subjective, but THAT is definitely not correct. Try harder. Suggested talking points: Dukey Man, A Dream Seal Told Me I’m in Love With You, Amber is the Color of My BBQ, Blood Harmony, Secret Bathroom Gushers, The World of JurassicNARAL Pro-Choice America:

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My Brother, My Brother And Me

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