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Podcast U Up?
Podcast U Up?

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  • The Betchelor Crossover: Love Is Blind Eps. 1-2: The Beginning
    No you didn't press play on the wrong podcast, Jared and Kay are covering Love Is Blind Season 4! Every single week on the Betchelor podcast, you will be hearing their thoughts on the pods and what comes after. For this special crossover episode, they covered episodes 1 and 2. They give their first impressions on all the pod people, and predict what is to come. You don't want to miss it. For more Love is Blind episodes every week, head over to the Betchelor podcast and follow @thebetchelor on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on all reality tv! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Am I More Invested In The Relationship Than My BF?
    On this week’s episode, Jared and Jordana start by breaking down a recent Raya experience that started from Jared’s love of complaining. Is it time for him to delete the apps? The Awkward Sexual Encounter is a spit take. Later, an emailer asks if she should move to be closer to her boyfriend or move on after the financial conditions of the move changed. Is him being unwilling to help with rent a sign she needs to end it? J&J finish the episode with a round of Corny Or Sweet about first date flowers, dating app openers, and forehead kisses. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Does Swiping Count As Cheating? Ft. Adam Pally
    J&J are back with another Sunday Spesh and this week they’re joined by comedian and actor Adam Pally. They start with a chat about his new movie Who Invited Charlie? and the story about how he met his wife. Then they dive into an email from a guy who claims he found the one but can’t stop swiping on the apps. Is there any justification for this behavior? Can he still redeem himself in this relationship? Plus, Adam shares nuggets of wisdom from 13 years of marriage. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Why Are Situationship Breakups So Painful?
    On this week’s episode, Jared starts with a story about being on his phone at the bar. The first emailer asks how she can slow down the pace of dating. How can she get out of the cycle of going from first date to “Willy Wonka grandparents” with the guys she’s dating? The Awkward Sexual Encounter comes back to haunt the emailer years later. Later, a listener asks why situationships breakups are so painful, even if the relationship is short-lived. J&J finish the episode with a round of Faux Pas or Nah about lap-sitting, getting recognized from the apps, and using ChatGPT to hack dating. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Why You Should Have A Roster Ft. Violet Benson
    J&J are back with another Sunday Special episode, and this week they’re joined by podcaster and meme queen Violet Benson. They start with a conversation about why Violet doesn’t sleep with anyone unless they’re in a relationship and how she frames that conversation to keep the ball in her court. Later, an emailer writes in to ask what to do after snooping on her boyfriend’s phone and finding suspicious messages with a woman on Instagram. Should she feel guilty about reading his DMs? Is he on the verge of ending the relationship anyway? Plus, Jared, Jordana, and Violet break down the best way to confront him about what she saw. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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