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  • Stop Judging Yourself So Much When Dating
    On this week’s episode, Jared and Jordana start out with a discussion about the most annoying person on vacation and Jared’s conflicted feelings about dating apps. The first emailer asks how to navigate the early stages of dating a sober person. Should she address it before planning the first date? The Awkward Sexual Encounter was thwarted by a full moon. Later, a listener asks how to deal with their partner being a workaholic. Is there room for compromise or are they just not the match? J&J finish the episode with a round of Red Flag or Deal Breaker about leftovers, white lies, and Jared’s alleged doppelganger.
  • Can Awkward Sex Be A Deal Breaker?
    On this week’s Sunday Special, Jared and Jordana answer an email from a listener asking if her situationship fizzled because of an awkward sexual encounter. They went on four good dates, but when they finally had sex, it was a letdown. He started being distant afterwards, so she texted him to ask what was up. J&J break down the texts to try to figure out what happened here. Was it really about the sex? And does it really matter either way? Finally, they play a round of J&J’s Final Say about dating rules and dog pics on dating apps.
  • Is It Normal To Have FOMO When You’re In A Relationship?
    On this week’s episode, Jared and Jordana start out with a discussion about how we’re all living in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and what it takes to really be excited for a first date. The first emailer asks if she’s crazy for wanting to marry her first serious boyfriend. Is FOMO from her single friends a sign that she needs to date around more? The Awkward Sexual Encounter involves a very needy puppy. Later, an emailer asks how to make it clear to her guy friends that she’s not romantically interested in them. Are they even her friends in the first place? Finally, J&J give justice to The Original Cottage Inn and play a round of Red Flag or Deal Breaker about birth control and dating app ghost writers.
  • It’s Okay To Admit You Don’t Want Something Casual
    J&J are back with another Sunday Special, and this week they’re breaking down the texts between a listener and a guy she’s seeing casually. They talked about making plans for the weekend, but he wasn’t sure of his schedule and said he would let her know. When she didn’t hear from him she assumed he just wasn’t interested, but when he reached out later, she gave him a piece of her mind. Is she wrong for expecting him to follow up on plans even though they were keeping it casual? Plus, they discuss why pretending you don’t care doesn’t work. They finish the episode with a game of J&J’s Final Say to settle the debate on parental approval for moving in together and bad dating app profiles.
  • Is It A Red Flag If My Boyfriend Stays In Touch With His Ex?
    On this week’s episode, Jared and Jordana start out with a discussion about their New Year’s resolutions. Then, they answer an email regarding a TikTok that lists questions you should ask on a first date to avoid wasting time. Do those questions actually help you get to know someone? Is anything really a waste of time in dating? The Awkward Sexual Encounter involves a chicken suit. Later, an emailer writes in about setting boundaries with her boyfriend’s ex. Is an ex ever calling just to “catch up”? J&J finish the episode with a round of Red Flag or Deal Breaker about never-nudes, first date hygiene, and chain restaurants.

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