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  • 320. James Koan III - Singer, Songwriter, Musician and a Full-Time Worshipper of God
    Are you ready for a ride to New York? We’re going to visit an awesome man today. He's a singer, songwriter, musician, and also worship leader at Gracepoint Gospel Fellowship. James Koan III joins us on this episode of dHarmic Evolution! James’ songwriting incorporates lyrical poetry as I do. It is combined with rock, pop, punk, melodies, folk, influenced sonic soundscapes, with an indie-rock edge pulling influences from artists, such as Switchfoot, Relient K, The Beatles, Colony House, and the Beach Boys. These awesome sounds are right on the show today! We will be listening to his first single “Neanderthals” that has a punchy pop-punk cut, followed by “You Are There,” an acoustic rock ballad inspired by the Psalms. Get to know more about this young man, listen to his great music, and see his aspirations in the future. Let’s give a warm dHarmic Evolution welcome for James Koan III! More about James Koan III While James is still working on his website, make sure to follow and support him on Instagram and Facebook to get updates on what he is currently doing. You can out-check all the links provided below! Quotes: 03:31 “I'm honored to think that it's at a high standard. Sometimes I wish it could be even better than that, but I’m always trying to challenge myself.” 20:46 “...when I had the opportunity to play music, I just realized this is what I'm supposed to do. This is what God has given me as a gift, and he's calling me to use it for His glory.” 40:29 “Maybe it's almost eight years ago now officially, but when I was writing this, it was just a means of a reminder. I think I was looking to find the answers and the situation where I was just a little sad and confused and I looked and I found it. Well, of course I mean, everyone knows Psalm 23. But looking into Psalm 139 where it says you've searched me, Lord, you know me, you know when I sit, when I rise and you understand everything about me, and if I ascend into the highest heavens, you're there, for making my bed in the depths of Sheol, you're there. That whole idea I just thought, “I want to put this in the song.” 50:37 “For me, I would love to share the songs on the road and network with other artists that have made it big. If I could get myself to the top, I mean, I will. But all in God's timing and if it's in his will. The thing I have to understand is that I can't rush the process, you have to enjoy the experience.” 52:44 “I guess for other worship leaders that are out there listening to this, who may be looking for a place in between where you want to honor God with your music, but you don't know if that's just in the church. Know that the church is a place that God has put you for a time, and he will put you there, but there is also a world that we have yet to reach. I would say, don't be afraid to take risks, don't be afraid to try something new and different, and be willing to be told you're wrong.” 55:57 “I think I love that you're encouraging other people and innovating or working with other innovators and helping others have a platform to share what God has put on their heart.” Timestamps:   01:54 Introducing James Koan III 03:50 James shares about Arizona. 05:44 James talks about why he moved out to New York. 08:19 A little backstory on what ”Neanderthals” is about. 11:15 Listen to “Neanderthals” by James Koan III 16:10 James brings us to the studio while putting together” Neanderthals” 18:44 James Koan III as a worship leader 23:44 James shares his responsibilities and highlights of being a worship leader 28:17 The tremendous amount of work that is included in every week’s worship services 34:20 Listen to “You Are There” by James Koan III 37:20 The production and the instruments included in “You are there” 39:58 The story and the references of the song “You Are There” 45:18 What does James like to do when he is not creating, writing, or putting together worship? 48:18 What are James' aspirations and what is he looking forward to in the future? 52:07 James’ shoutout and a wish of prayer as a closing for the audience 56:32 Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor Spotify Playlist: Have you guys tuned in yet to the dHarmic Rising Stars Spotify playlists? There are three different lists that we have put up already, named Aquila, Orion, and Lyra. This is a collection of great songs from amazing artists who have been on the show. If you have been a guest already and you did not see your music on the list, just send me a message and I will get right into it. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family as well! dHarmic Rising Stars: Aquila dHarmic Rising Stars: Orion dHarmic Rising Stars: Lyra dHarmic Evolution links: Check out and get the latest update on new podcasts and blogs that we have. While you’re there, don’t forget to also subscribe on your favorite platform to get the latest episode coming to you. You can also let us know what you think by leaving a comment or a review in Apple Podcasts. We’d love to hear from you! Also, the book “7 Steps to Mental Freedom’ is accessible through  as well. If you know someone who is suffering from anxiety and depression, please send them to the website and have them check out the book. It would be a great help to them. Check out the Facebook Page as well so you are up to date with everything that we are doing. Visit the link here: dHarmic Evolution Additional good news to our friends who are artists, singers, songwriters, keynote speakers, or any creatives! We have a group where you can share your content and let the world know what you do and support you. It’s important to have a community that continuously supports and empowers you in what you do and this is a great and safe place to do so. Visit this link: dHarmic Evolution Community. Special links and Mentions: Switchfoot Relient K The Beatles Colony House The Beach Boys Peter Jackson The Who Pete Townshend Kings Kaleidoscope Hans Zimmer Connect with James Koan III GoFundMe: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: YouTube Music: Spotify: Apple Music: Soundcloud: Deezer:  
  • 319. DANiiVORY, Nashville Singer-Songwriter, Touring with Beyonce’, and around the world!
    We’ve got another killer singer-songwriter to welcome to the dHarmic Evolution. Hailing from Wexford, Pennsylvania, she's an independent R&B soul-pop artist, who has an absolutely stunning career going on in the music industry. Strap up your seatbelts as we go to Nashville to meet DANiiVORY. Dani always had music in her life. Her mom was a music teacher, a liturgical minister and encouraged her to pursue her passion for music. She went on to obtain a higher education at the esteemed and famous Berklee College of Music, graduated with a dual degree in contemporary writing and production and vocal performance. Dani has done it all! She's toured with Beyonce, small theaters, and big theaters. She is currently living in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and daughter, where she continues to write and record music with influences that range from Janet Jackson to The Beatles. Dani has crafted a dreamy electronic pop sound that is all her own. Let’s listen together to this amazing singer-songwriter as we feature some of her great songs like “Blackout” and “Pink Lightning.” We’ll also get to know more about her, her experiences and also some future plans. Check out this episode of dHarmic Evolution with DANiiVORY! More about DANiiVORY Support DANiiVORY and her music. Follow her on Instagram and check on her website and Facebook page to see what her upcoming schedules are. All links are provided below! Quotes: 05:23 “..trying to balance having an infant child and still trying to pursue music and figure out okay, “Well, what sessions can I do? What can I not do? Is this gonna be worth my time?” That's what gets hard. So that's when it's like, if you have family close, definitely tap into that resource.” 17:44 “...I would lay down, like just a basic piano track and come up with ideas. Sometimes I'd be on the bus. I would come up with the lyrical idea, I'd record voice memos on my phone. Any songwriter probably has like millions of voicemail recordings” 25:12 “It was really more about the personal growth I was able to have as a performer and a young upcoming singer-songwriter, and seeing what it takes to be successful in that area of entertainment.” 36:47 “Don't stop, Keep it up. Keep going. Work on your craft. You just got to show up on the page and even if you don't feel like it, and it's a hard day, just push through it. You don't have to feel inspired every day but from there you can find the inspiration I feel like so it's just so important that you show up. Don't give up. Because just like anything else, an author they're not going to always come up with like their award-winning story every time they go to write something but you know they sit down every day and they show up at the page and they write, so it's in the monotony I guess on some of those days that you can find magic, I think.” Timestamps: 01:11 Introducing DANiiVORY 03:02 How is Dani’s musical life fitting around now that she is a mom of a wonderful daughter? 04:13 Dani shares her transition from LA to Nashville. 06:53 Listen to “Blackout” by DANiiVORY. 10:27 A little backstory on how Dani came up with “Blackout.” 12:47 Dani tells about her experiences in Thailand. 16:10 A peek inside the studio and production on how they arrived at the sound of “Blackout.” 18:16 Listen to “Pink Lightning” by DANiiVORY 21:57 How was Dani’s experience touring with Beyoncé 24:03 Dani shares her personal take on the tour with Beyoncé as an artist and a performer. 25:28 What are the favorite gigs that Dani likes to do? 27:38 Dani talks about her mom being a music teacher and a minister. 29:33 What is  Berklee College of Music like? 31:32 Did the school help out with organizing her schedules day-to-day? 33:53 How was your experience with CeeLo Green? 34:33 What is life looking like for DANiiVORY in the next coming months and the end of the year? 35:27 The best place to connect to DANiiVORY 36:28 Dani’s words of wisdom and message to the upcoming singer-songwriters. 38:22 Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor   Spotify Playlist: Have you seen and heard our third Spotify playlist yet? Check these 30 amazing artists and songs to listen to with our new playlist named Lyra. It’s a total of 90 songs together with the Aquila and Orion playlists. Let me know what your favorites are by posting it in your comments! Share it with your families and friends as well, and post it on your socials to continue supporting these great indie music artists from around the world! dHarmic Rising Stars: Aquila dHarmic Rising Stars: Orion dHarmic Rising Stars: Lyra dHarmic Evolution links: Don’t forget to stop by! The new website makes it easier for you to check out the blog posts, photos, music, and interviews from our guests, and a lot of other goodies. Let me know what you think! Also, the book “7 Steps to Mental Freedom’ is accessible through  as well. If you know someone who is suffering from anxiety and depression, please send them to the website and have them check on the book. It would be a great help for them. Check out the Facebook Page as well so you can keep updated. Visit the link here: dHarmic Evolution AND…  If you are an artist, singer, songwriter, or keynote speaker, and would like to share your content, you can visit our Facebook Group. It is a great place to let the world know what you do and support you! Join the group here: dHarmic Evolution Community.   Special links and Mentions: Beyoncé The Beatles Janet Jackson Rhye Drake Gallant Sufjan Stevens Whitney Houston Dennis Montgomery III CeeLo Green Connect with DANiiVORY Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Spotify: Apple Music: Soundcloud:
  • 318. The Return of English Bob, as he “Retires from Retirement”
    The Return of English Bob, as he “Retires from Retirement” We are in for a real treat today! My guest is one of my dearest friends. We thought he already “packed it in” since he has not been on in a few years, but today he is back with a roar. He is retiring from retirement and has now turned into a Tik Tok and Instagram star. Please welcome back my dear friend, English Bob! English Bob hails from the Northern part of Southeastern Lower Ipswich on West Waffle Street in the UK. He lives a generally quiet life, but also loves creating instructional training videos, sips tea, loves Fencing, Running, eradicating Bigfoot from his and other neighborhoods, and of course, he loves Mama Bob! He has helped me for years with special projects and I’m so excited to have him back here on the dHarmic Evolution Podcast! We’re going to hear his amazing and interesting stories especially about growing pumpkins and see what he has been up to and what he is currently doing. Let’s all strap up our seatbelts as we go to lower Ipswich today with English Bob! More about English Bob Check out what English Bob is up to. He is on Instagram and Tiktok, look for @englishbob5, and don’t forget to follow and support him. All the links are provided below. Also, if you need a little backstory on English’s life, take a look at the previous episodes that he has been in. You just simply need to search “English Bob” on the search bar of Quotes: 09:50 “Congratulations on your book, 7 Steps to Mental Freedom. This is one of the reasons why I decided to get back in the saddle and help you along your quest to help others who suffer from melancholiaminamia, anemia, anxiety, and depression?” -English Bob congratulating James for his book. 12:42 “As far as satisfying I’m as pleased as a pheasant at a grouse convention doing this kind of work.” -English Bob on growing pumpkins 19:27 “That my dear James, that's how I came to love, cherish, and farm my dear pumpkins, forevermore… After that experience, I knew I would be a pumpkin farmer most of the days of my life. And I have been pumpkin patching ever since.” -English Bob talks about his history of growing pumpkins Timestamps: 04:01 Introducing English Bob 05:00 Welcome English Bob 09:01 What has English Bob been up to? 10:43 What was English’s life like in the countryside and the farm when he was not retired? 12:25 How did English get into pumpkin growing and has it been satisfying for him? 12:50 The interesting history on how English started growing pumpkins. 17:02 How did English survive the attack as he continues on with his backstory in growing pumpkins. 20:53 English chooses this episode's outro song as a tribute to, retiring from his retirement. 21:56 Where can people find and connect with English Bob? On tik tok, and “Instant Gram” 23:07 Listen to “Tango On” by James Kevin O’Connor   Spotify Playlist: This is some cool news that I need to share. We just released our third playlist on Spotify, named Lyra. That means we have a total of 90 amazing artists and songs to listen to. I shared my top five in each list and you can also let me know what yours are by posting it on your comments! Check out the links and share them with your family and friends, too!   dHarmic Rising Stars: Aquila   dHarmic Rising Stars: Orion   dHarmic Rising Stars: Lyra   dHarmic Evolution links: Have you tried searching through The search bar on the top makes it easier for you to see your favorite artists that have been on the show. The player and the blog will show up so you can listen to them anytime. Also, while you’re there, don’t forget to sign up on your favorite platform. There are a lot of platforms to choose from but I’d like to give a shout out to our listeners in India, on the JioSaavn and Gaana platforms who have embraced the dHarmic Evolution. Thank you for the warm welcome!   If you know someone who is suffering from anxiety and depression, please send them to and have them check on the book “7 Steps to Mental Freedom.” It’s just a 30-minute read and I’m sure that it would be a great help to them. Check out the Facebook Page as well so you can keep updated. Visit the link here: dHarmic Evolution Also, if you’re looking for a safe place to post your content to, you can drop by at the dHarmic Evolution Community. It will be the perfect place to let people know what you do and let the world support you. Whether you are an artist, singer, songwriter, or keynote speaker, you are welcome here!   Special links and Mentions: Susan Muranty (DE136) Billy Corgan Smashing Pumpkins   Connect with English Bob Instagram: TikTok:
  • 317. Kiana Corley’s Amazing Style of Music, Soul Pop Meets Folk Alt Rock, and Great Songwriting!
    Let's head out to Lancaster Pennsylvania today, where soul and pop is not on everyone’s playlist. But, we’ve got a truly original artist who treats her lyrical composition and vocal delivery with the same respect as an artist taking their brush strokes to a fresh virgin canvas. This makes perfect sense as her influences include Corinne Bailey Rae, Tori Kelly, and Stevie Wonder. We’re never put in a genre-exclusive category, so why should her music be?  She is soulful, with a youthful overlay of pop but also intertwined with her love of folk music and alt-rock.  We’re going to hang out with none other than Kiana Corley! Kiana is a multi-instrumentalist. She started at the early age of 12. She alluded to the fact that, if you play different instruments, it gives you a different perspective on songs, songwriting, and production. In Kiana’s most recent album, the songs follow a storyline of a young romance, which started on shaky ground with two people pretending it was solid. She's extremely motivated by helping and inspiring others through her authentically original music. Her music video premiered on Celeb Secrets this year, and she also signed a distribution deal with Heart Songs Records. Get to know more of her, and get to listen to a solid, wonderful style, and an eclectic mix of all of the best stuff ever heard on this episode of the dHarmic Evolution with Kiana Corley. More about Kiana Corley Kiana is mostly on her Instagram, but all the links on how you can find here are provided below. Check out and support Kiana and her amazing music. Quotes: 08:45 “ I just feel like if you make music that good, it's always gonna just resurface in some way, just for the years to go on. Like, I think they definitely deserve to be forever growing. “ 17:22 “I'm really blessed to be able to have that ability to share things in my life with people. Especially because I'm definitely not a person that talks about myself in a regular sense. I'm not going to tell you my whole life when we first meet, but I will share that with you if you listen to things that I wrote. That's kind of my way of teaching people about myself.” 38:03 “I try to just take care of my body as much as I can. Because I think that if you don't do some sort of movement, or some sort of meditation, or journaling, or anything like that, it can catch up to you. Your mental well-being and your physical well-being are definitely connected I believe, and they're both equally as important.” 41:00 “Just really pursue the honest opportunities and be honest with yourself about what you want as an artist and what you can bring. Be confident too, because everybody brings something different and all of it is needed. There's a space for all of it. There's a place for literally every artist, I really truly believe that, as well. So, keep going.” Timestamps:  01:28     Introducing Kiana Corley 04:04     What did Kiana listen to growing up that got her into classically written songs? 09:33     Listen to “Chestnut” by  Kiana Corley 12:40     Kiana tells us about the song “Chestnut.” 14:05     Kiana took us back to the time when she felt in her heart that she is becoming a songwriter. 18:42     When did Kiana feel like she was growing as a songwriter, and embraced and owned it? 22:57     Listen to “Lukewarm” by  Kiana Corley 26:35     The metaphor behind the song “Lukewarm” 28:12     When did Kiana realize that she has lasered on the sound, timbre, and style that she has now? 30:24     What music school did Kiana go to? 31:22     How did Kiana become a multi-instrumentalist? 32:31     Kiana shares the people she works with, the production, and how her songs are born. 37:34     Outside of music, what does Kiana do in her downtime? 39:24     Kiana’s message and words of wisdom for the younger musicians and the best place to connect. 42:39     Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor Spotify Playlist:  We’ve completed the THIRD Spotify playlist and are about to hit publish. I am very excited to have more great music and amazing artists to listen to, but while we are waiting for it, check out the Orion and Aquila playlists. There are 60 artists who have been on the dHarmic Evolution show and are on these playlists. Don’t forget to also share this with your family and friends!   dHarmic Rising Stars: Aquila dHarmic Rising Stars: Orion  dHarmic Evolution links:  Have you seen the changes yet on While you’re there, don’t forget to sign up on your favorite platform. We have about 24 different platforms that you can choose from. We are in India, and we totally appreciate their support, with their two biggest platforms, JioSaavn and Ganna. It's a pleasure to be around the world, so don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments. Do you know someone who is suffering from anxiety and depression? Please send them to The book “7 Steps to Mental Freedom” will be of great help to them. You can easily find it on the main page of the website. Also, you can visit our Facebook Page: Hey, if you are an artist,  an author, or a keynote speaker, and trying to find a place to post your content, you can check out the Facebook group and let the world support you! Head over to: Special links and Mentions:  Corinne Bailey Rae Tori Kelly Stevie Wonder The Jackson 5 Queen Fleetwood Mac Chris Pratt Lindsey Buckingham Rod Stewart Glenn Frey Bob Seger  Connect with Kiana Corley Instagram: Facebook:  Spotify:      YouTube:   YouTube Music: Apple Music: Deezer:      
  • 316. Crystal Mcgrath, A Multi-Passionate Woman, Inspires All Through Music and Coaching
    Crystal Mcgrath, A Multi-Passionate Woman, Inspires All Through Music and Coaching We are going all the way up to Calgary, Canada today as we meet with a musician, activist, podcast host and inspirational influencer. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, inspiring individuals to live to their highest potential. Let’s welcome to the show, Crystal McGrath! Crystal’s latest single “About a Boy” was released last June 2021. She blends a pop drum beat with a traditional country backing band to create a sound that is all her own. It tells the story of a confident girl who still longs for the connection from a relationship and finds herself distracted with the memories of her past. Her style blends two different musical flavors into something that any music fan would enjoy! Crystal does not only do music, she's also an advocate for women's empowerment, and wants women to feel that they can go after any goal that they hope to achieve. To promote this message, she founded “Live with Love,'' an online platform with the mission of helping women live their best life through movement and mindset. She also has a podcast, “Crushing Chaos,” and she can also be seen regularly hosting her video podcast, “The Artists Behind The Music.” Crystal lives by the words of poet John Greenleaf Whittier’s poem “Don’t Quit” to which she also shares with us in this episode. Her personal mission statement is to inspire individuals to live their best life and she does it through many different ways. We are about to learn more about this here on the dHarmic Evolution with Crystal Mcgrath. More about Crystal Mcgrath The best way for Crystal to paint the whole picture, share stories, and connect is through her Instagram, but you could also check out all her social media links below to see how she inspires people in many different ways. Quotes: 07:18 “It was nice to have something positive to focus on during this crazy time, just constantly pivoting and being creative with how we can still do music in a way that we're affecting people but not leaving this space.”   12:12 “It's okay not to be okay and just acknowledging that those days will happen and just taking care of yourself through those moments allow you to really succeed and shine on the days where you're feeling good.”   25:55 “My personal mission statement is to inspire individuals to live their best life. And I really try to do that through my music, through my coaching, through my fitness company, through my podcasting, through conversation, and connection, and through social media.”   34:35 “It's just so important to be healthy and fill your body with healthy things…”   36:50 “I love combining music coaching with movement coaching and meditation coaching. I love combining all of them for clients just to have a really well rounded experience on how I can show up as my best so I can perform my best?”   39:50 “It's been a long journey of really being okay, with this is who I am and it doesn't matter what other people are doing. It doesn't matter what other people are saying, or thinking, or feeling. Let them be them, and let me be me. Really giving myself permission to step into my powers has really been a big thing for me the past few years.”   Timestamps:   01:42 Introducing Crystal Mcgrath 04:34 Crystal tells us about her experience in touring and visiting Australia. 06:23 How did Crystal survive the pandemic and where did she spend most of her time? 08:06 Crystal shares her timeline in releasing her songs in the midst of the pandemic. 09:35 With all the depression with artists, how would Crystal rate where she is emotionally? 12:51 Listen to “About a Boy” by Crystal Mcgrath 16:19 How was “About A Boy” made? 18:23 The sense of freedom that she felt having another artist write a song for her. 20:59 Crystal takes us to her studio experience while producing “About a Boy.” 23:07 How did she start her music podcast, and how did it transpire and come to fruition? 25:40 Crystal lets us know about what an inspirational influencer is. 26:50 Listen to “Game on” by Crystal Mcgrath 30:17 Crystal talks about her fitness company. 31:42 Crystal gives us ideas, special hacks and tricks to help people out to eat healthy and good food 35:12 How does Crystal do her coaching? 36:06 What areas of music coaching does Crystal do? 37:07 How did Crystal find her voice, and who are her music influences? 41:17 What does Crystal think is the biggest challenge today for artists and musicians? 43:45 Crystal’s message to her fans, and the dHarmic evolution listeners, especially for the younger people who are upcoming artists 46:21 Where is the best place to connect with Crystal? 47:29 Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor   Spotify Playlist:   Have you checked out the Spotify playlist? We got the Orion and Aquila playlists that you will surely enjoy. It consists of amazing music from the talented artists who are also alumnis of dHarmic Evolution. Don’t forget to share this to your friends and family, also!   dHarmic Rising Stars: Aquila   dHarmic Rising Stars: Orion   dHarmic Evolution links:   Head out to the website, and check out the exciting changes as we’re shaping the into something new. Also, don’t forget  to sign up on your favorite platform so you can be notified once the new episode is released. We have about 24 different platforms that you can choose from. Let me know what you think of these, and comment on what your favorite type of show is -- whether it is singer-songwriters, authors, speakers, thought leaders, social media experts, life coaches, there's so many different spins that we can give this show, so let me know in the comments!   Hey, if you know someone who is depressed, or is  suffering from anxiety and depression. Please send them to the website, and check out my new release, “7 Steps to Mental Freedom.” It is on the main page and could be a great help to anyone who is struggling with anxiety and depression.   You can also visit our Facebook Page:   Also, a great opportunity for our listeners who are artists, authors, and keynote speakers! Check out the Facebook group, it’s a good place where you can post your content, and let the world support you!   Special links and Mentions:   Azalea (duo) Spencer Cheyne (producer) Kelly Clarkson Christina Aguilera Carrie Underwood Maren Morris Kelsea Ballerini Celine Dion Beatles   Connect with Crystal Mcgrath Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Spotify: Apple Music: TikTok:

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