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Podcast The Truth

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  • The Look-alike
    A celebrity look-alike is trying to break away from his famous face and be taken seriously on his own. But it isn’t easy when the world only sees another Clooney. Written by Louis Kornfeld. Performed by Peter McNerney, Margo Seibert, Will Jacobs, Michael Cullen, Ashley Siflinger, Jon Bander, Chris Kipiniak, Joseph Medeiros, Thomas Whittington, Sophie Yalkezian, and Louis Kornfeld.
  • End of the Hum
    In our fifth story from the post-apocalyptic world of the Hum, Huck is held captive in the compound while Inez must decide what she’s willing to sacrifice for a chance at seeing her son. This story is the fifth in the Hum series. If you haven’t heard them already, here are the first four: Episode 1: After the Hum Episode 2: Into the Hum Episode 3: Shadow of the Hum Episode 4: Echo of the Hum “End of the Hum” was written by Mary McDonnell. It was performed by Danielle Delgado, James Dwyer, Russell G. Jones, Marisa Brau, Louis Kornfeld, Jessica Morgan and Mary McDonnell. The Truth Instagram Twitter
  • Fruit of Knowledge
    A year after their father’s death, three siblings find a tree growing directly out of their father’s grave, bearing fruit and an unbelievable family secret. Written by Grant Cohen. Performed by Anthony Franqui, Sharina Martin, Corin Wells, Craig Scott, Jennifer Fouche, Neil Tyrone Pritchard, and Franklin Ojeda Smith. The Truth Instagram Twitter
  • Fairy Godmother of Justice
    A fed up fairy godmother decides to grant justice instead of wishes. Written by Mary McDonnell. Performed by Blanche Ames, Lida Darmian, Thomas Whittington, Reilly Wilson, Brandon Zelman, Joel Bernstein, Mary McDonnell, Louis Kornfeld, Nichole Hill, and Amy Warren. The Truth Instagram Twitter
  • Phonebank Kismet
    Matilda is selling artificial limbs at a call center, phoning random people in search of a sale. She wasn’t expecting one of the people to be her ex. Written by India Kotis. Performed by Stephanie Rey, Autumn Gomez-Tagle, Ekaterini Argerson, and Sebastian Connelli The Truth Instagram Twitter

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