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Ongoing History of New Music

Podcast Ongoing History of New Music
Podcast Ongoing History of New Music

Ongoing History of New Music


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  • Sonic Coincidences in Alt-Rock Part 2
    This is part 2 of our look at true stories of plagiarism and unfortunate sonic coincidences in the world of Alt-Rock Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Sonic Coincidences in Alt-Rock Part 1
    Let me ask you many times have you heard a song and said "Hey that song sounds just like something I heard last month. That guitar riff is really familiar....don't they realize those chords were used in a song years ago?!?!?!" This sort of thing happens all the fact it happens more than most people realize. Sometimes quiet deals are worked out behind the scenes and the public never knows, other times things get ugly.... These are true stories of plagiarism and unfortunate sonic coincidences in the world of Alt-Rock...part 1 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • The Weird History of Concert Tickets Part 2
    We’ve all been for a concert you really, really want to see are set to go on sale at exactly’re on the Ticketmaster site as the clock ticks toward the appointed time... 9:59:57...9:59:58...9:59:59...ten o’clock! time... Enter...nothing...refresh refresh refresh the try mashing the f5 button a bunch hit control-r a couple of times...still nothing...but then, one last time and you’re in!...except you’re 10:01 and 17 seconds, the show you so desperately wanted to see is sold out... What did everything could so many tickets get sold so fast?...hello, what’s this? are already for sale on the secondary market?...and the price is double the face value?...what just happen This is just one ticket-buying scenario...maybe you were able to get in only to discover that tickets were already selling for quadruple the original price—and that’s through the primary seller—in this case, Ticketmaster... You’re the act’s biggest fan! should be able to get tickets to at least one of their shows...and you’ve been shut out in less than 90 seconds...hello?...ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?... Hold on...back up...there’s a lot to process here and it can get pretty emotional...buying concert tickets can be one of the most frustrating of all retail experiences...and a big part of the problem is that the average person doesn’t understand how it works... Wait...that sounds condescending, but I don’t mean it to be...getting a ticket to a concert should be simple—but it’s not...the complexities of buying and selling concert tickets today would drive Einstein insane... Stick around and I will do my best to unravel everything for you and by the time we’re done, I won’t have made it any easier to get a ticket, but maybe you’ll understand why you can’t get one...this is the weird history of concert tickets, part 2... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • The Weird History of Concert Tickets Part 1
    Let’s define a “concert ticket” is a contract between you, an act, a promoter, and a venue that allows you admission to specific event at a stated time and place...seems simple enough...let’s continue... A concert ticket can cost money that goes to covering costs and making a profit for those staging the concert...or in some cases, it can be free and is used mainly for tracking attendance... Fair enough...a concert ticket can be pre-printed on card can be printed by a machine when you buy can be a bar or QR code on a piece of paper you print out at may have a little hologram thingy on it or some other sort of security device...that ticket may be tied to the credit card used to buy the ticket—or it may not...and when you go through the door, a person may take your ticket, tear your ticket in half, or just scan it... But maybe you don’t have a physical ticket at have an e-ticket which has been living on your phone for poke through a bunch of screens until you finally find it, holding up everyone in line and thinking to yourself you should have really called it up earlier because you couldn’t remember where you stored it and then get that scanned... Fine...that’s a concert ticket...but who are the people behind issuing and redeeming all these tickets?...what entities get to determine how much we have to pay? come we have to buy so many tickets through Ticketmaster?...and what about these services charges and dynamic pricing and scalpers who somehow get their hands on tickets in second if not before tickets go on sale to the general public? And here’s a bold statement: everything you know about concert tickets is probably wrong... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • The Early Days of LGBTQ Rock
    Once upon a time, it was illegal—criminal—to be another other than heterosexual...any hint that you may be something other than straight could get you into all sorts of trouble—and career suicide was the least of your worries... In 1895, the famous English playwright, Oscar Wilde, was put on trial for homosexual practices...he was found guilty and sentenced to two years in jail...he never recovered from the ordeal and died soon after his release... In 1959, Liberace, the famous pianist, sued the London Daily Mirror for libel for implying that he was went to trial and on the stand and under oath, Liberace stated that–this is 1959, remember–he had never indulged in homosexual practices...the judge believed him and he won $24,000... In 1982, a former male bodyguard sued him for palimony–and this time, Liberace had to pay out $95,000...finally, in 1987, he died of AIDS–and the Daily Mirror came calling, looking for a refund of their $24,000... And look at Elton John...despite the fact that he married a woman in 1984, the rumours of his homo- and bisexuality helped erode his fan base in the late 70s...he had to hide it for decades, something that took a serious emotional toll... When you put everything into this kind of context, you can see how far things have come today...if someone comes out, this admission is greeted by most with a’s like “”... And not only that, but sexual orientation is protected by law in much of the world...for example, in late 2004, the French parliament adopted legislation that could get a person one year in jail for insulting homosexuals...this law treats anti-gay and sexist comments in the same way other laws treat racist and anti-Semitic insults...say something homophobic in France and you could end up with 12 months in the clink plus the equivalent of a $75,000 fine... But it wasn’t always this way, including in the world of new rock, which was supposed to be so progressive, liberal and of some stories of brave people who took a lot of arrows for who they were. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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