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  • Upgrade 391: They're Great Uphill
    Myke and Jason discuss the mysteries of Apple's car project, and express confusion about Apple's 2022 product release schedule. And at last, France makes a big box-related move.
  • Mac Power Users 624: Apple Apps That Need Some Polishing
    Apple ships a wide range of applications across its family of operating systems. However, over the years, they have received uneven amounts of support and attention from the company. This week, Stephen and David talk about some of these apps and which ones could use some love from the folks in Cupertino.
  • Material 343: Thank You For Being A Friend
    This week, Andy and Flo brace themselves for the return of Google Glass, as rumored through this week's reveal of Project Iris. We talk about YouTube scaling back on original content and why it's struggling to cater to creators. We also touch upon some of the changes coming to Google Pay, and we remember Betty White as Google intended: with roses raining down over a banner splayed across your search results.
  • Reconcilable Differences 174: Cardamom & Turmeric
    After some discussion of the pre-flight and Merlin's problematic meal, there's a surprising amount of donut-related content, including identifying the unexpected challenges of running a successful Donut Friday. Merlin has some thoughts on the perils of cute ordering. In follow-up, John highlights some helpful listener responses on LED bulbs. Man, light sure can be complicated. As a main topic, John tells us why Sony is breaking his heart and making his journey to buying a new television more difficult than it needs to be.
  • Rocket 369: Presents
    A huge deal rocks the game industry: Microsoft is buying Activision in a 68 billion dollar deal. Then, crypto exchange sees a breach that affected 400 accounts, and potential losses of $15 million.

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