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  • Parallel 79: Story Book
    Ten iOSes ago, I wrote a book called iOS Access for All. Here's how it has evolved over the years.
  • Focused 174: Deep Work, with Cal Newport
    Computer scientist & author Cal Newport joins us to talk about the impact of technology and culture on productivity and shares what we can do to protect our ability to focus.
  • Under the Radar 265: Old App, New Subscription
    Updating a decade-old app to a new subscription business model, and how the change has performed so far and been received by the existing users.
  • Upgrade 452: Schrödinger's Killer App
    With WWDC (presumably) a couple of months away, we take time to list some of our wishes for iOS 17. There's also a lot more noise about the forthcoming Apple VR headset, and the entertainment industry and Apple are having communication issues.
  • Mac Power Users 685: Fighting Digital Distractions
    Between news apps, delivery services, task managers, emails and communication tools, our devices receive an untold number of notifications daily. This week, David and Stephen talk about how to push back against the wave of interruptions that threaten our focus and work.

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