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Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

Podcast Fortunately... with Fi and Jane
Podcast Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

Fortunately... with Fi and Jane


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  • 247. Three Paying Punters, with Trevor Nelson
    The Fortunately podcast this week welcomes legendary broadcaster and DJ Trevor Nelson. Trevor currently can be heard on BBC Radio 2 Mon -Thurs 10pm 12am and 1Xtra Sundays 11am. Trevor talks to Fi and Jane about getting established on the DJ circuit, his time on pirate radio and the trials of covering Pop Master. Before Trevor logs on there's undiscovered security tags, mind-changing staircases and ghostly Prime Ministers. Get in touch: [email protected]
  • 246. Opaque Tights and Oboe Hotlines, with Your Emails
    This week on the podcast, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey take a moment to reflect on events and hear from listeners on their experiences. Fi and Jane reveal slightly odd situation they were in when they learnt of the death of the Queen and share their thoughts on the last few days' viewing. Listener missives come from international classrooms, the anti-curtsy campaign office, cardboard cutting piles and pun-heavy feline establishments. Get in touch: [email protected]
  • 245. Being a Conduit and Converting Fahrenheit, with Justin Webb
    This episode was recorded before the death of Queen Elizabeth II. This week on the Fortunately Podcast, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey are joined by the Today Programme's Justin Webb. Justin discusses his memoir The Gift of Radio, about growing up in unusual circumstances and how society has changed over the decades. Justin also offers some insight on helming the Radio 4 institution and how to get your shirt fixed at a fancy hotel. Before Justin there's Cat Cafe analysis and afterwards some guidance on sending off a sample. Get in touch: [email protected]
  • 244. Angeluses and Places for Guff, with Louise O'Neill
    This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane welcome along the writer Louise O'Neill. The Irish author joins Fi and Jane to discuss her latest book Idol, exploring the worlds of online influencers and complicated female friendships. Louise also attempts to work out if she is related to Jane, thinks about the biggest influencers in her life and talks Fi and Jane through an RTE broadcast tradition. Before Louise logs on there's Balloon Debates, Fi remembers a date that didn't work out and Jane has had enough of hard boiled eggs. Get in touch: [email protected]
  • 243. 200lbs of Shingle and Burnt Sausage Barbecues, with Ricky Ross
    This week on the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane are back from holidays and are joined by singer and broadcaster Ricky Ross. Now a presenter on BBC Scotland, Ricky Ross is the lead singer of Deacon Blue, and he shares stories from his new memoir Walking Back Home. He talks about following his faith whilst living the life of a rockstar, and all three discuss what makes a good interview with a musician. Ricky also explains just why he never went to a barbecue at Bruce Springsteen's house. Before he arrives, Fi and Jane discuss breakfast buffets, saving sun loungers and feelings you're not supposed to have. Get in touch: [email protected]

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Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

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