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Relay FM - Reconcilable Differences

Relay FM - Reconcilable Differences

Podcast Relay FM - Reconcilable Differences
Podcast Relay FM - Reconcilable Differences

Relay FM - Reconcilable Differences


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  • 185: A Shirt’s Journey
    Things kick off with an immediate derail into Merlin's Apple Health data, with John noting that he never liked _Statistics_. Next up, your hosts have—at least by their standards—a pretty big announcement. This leads to an appropriately in-depth exegesis into the process of making and selling a t-shirt. Side topics include Scott Pilgrim, JavaScript, domain names, throwing money at artists you love, and just one of the _numerous_ ways Factory Records managed to lose lots of money. 👉 If you think you might enjoy having one, please consider [**buying our shirt**]( In Follow-Up, John is still monitoring the trades for insight into whether he wants to buy the TV he thinks he wants to buy. This is, as you know, not a decision John takes lightly, so he has sought the counsel of a Former Professional TV Calibrator. Which is apparently a job. In further Follow-Up, John's toes are still a mess—and John saw the charts that prove it. In the interest of equal time, your hosts discuss the stuff that _they_ buy from creators they love. Merlin has a cascade, and John doesn't wear his own shirts. Or hoodies. This leads to the sad backstory behind John being contacted by one of his heroes. Imagine getting an email from somebody whose photo used to hang on your teenaged wall asking you to stop doing something. *Moof*. (_Recorded on Tuesday, June 14, 2022_)
  • 184: Back Door Preparation
    Telling strangers what you do for work, Merlin's life as a Ricky Montgomery dad, and How to Talk to People. In our members-only bonus show: John has questions about Merlin's Bike Results, and Merlin has gotten religion about how we make cities. [Sign up today]( to get lots of extra stuff and to support our program. (_Recorded on Thursday, June 2, 2022_)
  • 183: The Pinching Opportunities
    Things kick off with a dive on the hacker mindset, black swans, corner cases, and the exception that proves the rule. Whatever that means. This leads to a side trip into security, troubleshooting, and the difference between non-linear thinking and untethered madness. Finally, in a conversation both sprawling and comically on-brand, your hosts explore the concept of *properness*. What does it mean to do something properly, when should it matter, and what are the risks and benefits of demanding that certain things always be done a certain way? (_Recorded on Tuesday, May 17, 2022_)
  • 182: Disapproval Has a Scent
    Things kick off with some discussion of food, which finds one of your hosts trying to prove with science that he tastes everything _better_. Also, there is not a band _or_ a sports team called "The Miami Giants." Next up, John frog-marches Merlin through a check-in on his terrible sleep. Finally, on the heels of releasing their annual [member]( episode, John and Merlin answer some of the very good questions posed by one of their friend-guests at length. (_Recorded on Tuesday, May 3, 2022_)
  • 181: I Saw Your Wife
    Things kick off with an unexpected chalk talk from Merlin on the provenance of a favorite phrase as well as an even less expected history of his college's dorms. In follow-up, John would like to clarify that he knows the difference between a TV show about pirates and a Southern California hardcore band. Merlin offers to make John a mix tape. After confidently announcing he's not going to talk about his Synology updates this week, Merlin talks about his Synology updates. Next up, John has project updates pertaining to his security camera journey, including his exasperation at the lack of one blindingly obvious feature. Believe it or not, this leads to a discussion of the sorry state of smart home products. Finally, your hosts dig into the AppleTV+ series, _Severance_. Spoiler horn fires off at `1:31:12`.

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