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Podcast The Flop House

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  • Episode #392 - The Bubble
    It's Max Fun Drive time (if you haven't already, please consider becoming a member of Maximum Fun and supporting The Flop House), and we decided to give ourselves a real challenge for this one -- we watched the Judd Apatow "hey maybe there's something funny about this pandemic" Netflix all-star "comedy" The Bubble. Did it make our heads explode with exasperated fury? Listen to find out!Wikipedia page for The BubbleMovies recommended in this episode:Psycho II (1983)Light of Day (1987)Day for Night (1973)The Heroic Trio (1993)
  • Greatest Trek! A Crossover Mess-Around
    Adam and Ben from Greatest Trek joined us recently to record some bonus content that should be available for members in the Max Fun 2023 boco feed. We had fun, so we also recorded this little hangout of us messing around. We promote the bonus ep (a discussion of Airplane II: The Sequel, a film that does not "star" William Shatner, no matter what people might have you believe), talk a little about podcasting, and encourage folks to become members of max fun, at Sure, it's essentially just kind of a long advertisement for Maximum Fun, but it's a funny, profane one, with a lot of fucking around. Hey, some people watch the Super Bowl for the ads!
  • FH Mini 76 - The Peach Pit, MFD Edition
    Stuart takes us through another episode of "The Peach Pit," everyone's favorite after-show for The Flop House that's also just a part of the regular Flop House.Come see us at The Bell House, on April 2!Become a supporting member, at
  • Feed Drop - New Mini Coming Tomorrow!
    Just a note to let you know that, for internal reasons relating to the MFD, we're pushing the release of  this one mini to late Sunday, March 19. In general the release schedule will remain the same.In the meanwhile, why not check out our newly-somewhat-busy YouTube channel?
  • Episode #391 - Critters, with Steven Kostanski
    The listener who entered our Sexy Xenomorph contest under the name "Do Critters Next" asked us to "Do Critters next," so we did Critters next, which has ceased to become "next" and is now now. And who better to join us for this slice of silly 80s monster horror than a man whose own films bear the influence of that horror decade, Stephen Kostanski, the director of Psycho Goreman, the movie that turned Stuart Wellington into a brain in a tube.Wikipedia page for CrittersMovies recommended in this episode:Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992)Before Sunrise (1995)Girlfriends (1978)Ghoulies 3: Ghoulies Go To College (1991)Ever tried Microdosing? Visit and use FLOP for 30% off + Free Shipping.  

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