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Myths and Legends

Podcast Myths and Legends
Podcast Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends


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  • 313B-1001 Nights: Night Shift
    We wrap of the stories of the dervishes (and the mysterious visitors to the party who are DEFINITELY NOT the caliph and Jafar) and then the hostess and her sisters find the tables have turned...because, yes of course, they have been threatening the life of their ruler, but more because...why were they beating those dogs and weeping??  The creature is Napf-Hans! A German version of the butter cat who is neither butter nor cat...but who loves cake and beer.   Squirrel underpants! Best of the Worst! Disclaimer!   * * *  Sponsor:  Rocket Money! Cancel unwanted subscriptions and manage your expenses the easy way.
  • 313A-1001 Nights: Party Down
    A party no one can speak of under threat of death. Genie fights, wizard battles, and grocery shopping. Yes, we're back in One Thousand and One Nights.  The creature is haakapainizi, a folksy grasshopper! Who is also a cannibal!  The membership!  The Best of the Worst!  Tiny Lobster Hands!   * * * Sponsors:   Athletic Greens:   AG1 by Athletic Greens is an easier way to take supplements. * * *  Music:  "The Records" by Blue Dot Sessions  "Black Ballots" by Blue Dot Sessions  "Union Hall" by Blue Dot Sessions
  • 312-Norwegian Folklore: Let's Dance
    A Norwegian tale about why you should pay your employees a living wage (or at least not beat them and try to have them executed), or else you could end up in a never-ending dance party.  The creature is why you should avoid home improvement projects like the plague...because you could be literally plagued with wood and earth imps.  Membership! Want ad-free and bonus episodes? Check out Myths and Legends Plus in Apple Podcasts or go to  Best of the Worst! Check it one of our other shows, which is like if the creature of the week segment was about ridiculous comic book villains:  --- Sponsors: Simplisafe: There’s no safe like SimpliSafe:  Canva: Collaborate with Canva for Teams:  Bombas: Ready to get active? Think Bombas:  Babbel: Babbel: Language for life.   --- Music: "Chai Belltini" by Blue Dot Sessions "Pedalrider" by Blue Dot Sessions "Single Still" by Blue Dot Sessions "The Yards" by Blue Dot Sessions
  • 311-Samurai: Lost and Found
    A Ronin (a masterless samurai) goes on a quest to find a stolen sword and restore the honor of his family's name, but, when it comes to pushing the limits of what is right in order to see his mission through, how far is too far?  The creature is Rübezahl, a turnip counter, and we'll see why you shouldn't trust people who love vegetables.  Best of the Worst!  The disclaimer and source:   --- Sponsors:  Rocket Money: Stop throwing money away. Cancel unwanted subscriptions.  Indeed: Need to hire? You need Indeed.  Olive and June: The Olive & June Mani System is everything you need for a salon-quality manicure in one box.  Athletic Greens: Comprehensive nutrition in one simple scoop.   --- Music:  "Gra Hovedvei" by Blue Dot Sessions 
  • 310-Norse Sagas: The Maiden King
    The story of Sigrgarthr and the Maiden King, from Icelandic folklore has Viking male models, ruthless princesses, people shoving metal down their pants to make unbeatable weapons, dragons, trolls, witches, and monsters. There's a lot going on this week.  The creature this week is the Pope Lick Monster, who shows that the most dangerous thing of all is our own superstition. And also being hit by trains.  Show post and article: Best of the Worst is back!   Music: "Caseco" by Blue Dot Sessions "Garrucha" by Blue Dot Sessions "Inspector F" by Blue Dot Sessions "La Naranja Borriana" by Blue Dot Sessions

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