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Myths and Legends

Podcast Myths and Legends
Podcast Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends


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  • 254-Spanish Folklore: Ready or Not
    A story from Spanish folklore of three brothers, a crafting competition, a smelly Trojan parrot, and a lesson that it's never too late to start on the Hero's Journey. I mean, you might end up in jail, but it's still inspiring? The creature this week is the Gohonga, a creature that will take your child, educate them, and return them as a forty-year-old -- Links: The earbags: Membership: Store: -- Sponsors: Simplisafe: Go to and take 20% off your SimpliSafe System and get your first month free when you sign up for the interactive monitoring service! Indeed: Go to and get a a 75 dollar sponsored job credit to upgrade your job post! Offer ends March 31st, 2022. Shopify: Go to for a free 14-day trial, and get full access to Shopify’s entire suite of features! Headspace: Go to and get one month FREE of their entire mindfulness library! NordVPN: Go to or use code MYTHS to get up to 70% off your NordVPN Plan plus one additional month for free! -- Music: All music by Blue Dot Sessions See for privacy information.
  • 253B-Monkey King: The Good Guys
    Monkey has been fired. Sandy has been captured. Pigsy is fleeing in terror, and the monk is about to be cut to pieces by a room full of angry guys. Things are not going well. The creature is a buff angry dude whose solution to everything is hitting it with a spiky club. -- Disclaimer: Giant Hoodie Snuggie: Store: Membership: -- Sponsors! June's Journey: Download June’s Journey FREE today on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Shopify: Go to for a free 14-day trial and get full access to Shopify’s entire suite of features! Chime: Make your first good decision of the new year and join over 10 million people using Chime by going to Sign-up takes only two minutes and doesn’t affect your credit score. -- Music: All music by Blue Dot Sessions See for privacy information.
  • 253-Monkey King: Severance
    We're back on the road on the Journey to the West and our heroes are starving. The solution? Some murders, some personnel changes, and human buns. The creature is a devil fish, a not-so-friendly businessfish. -- Sponsors: Best Fiends: Download Best Fiends on the App Store or Google Play! Simplisafe: Get 20% off your entire new system. Bombas: Get 20% off any purchase by going to Grove: Go to and get a free giftset worth up to $50 with your first order! -- Devilfish Bay: Secret Succulent Pen Plant: Membership: -- Music: All music by Blue Dot Sessions See for privacy information.
  • 252-Greek folklore: Name that Tune
    Fighting your own fate: it's a theme nearly as old as human civilization. We'll hear two stories of people who both lament their fate...and see that they are profoundly bad at doing anything about it. The first has a sack maker with a one-hit wonder...and a friend who wants to help him change...and who's also a super-rich king. The second is about a man who goes to look for Chance to try to change his own lot in life...and discovers that he might just be his own worst enemy. The creatures are the Namahage, from Japan! New Years monsters who want to help scraping the nasty skin off your feet... -- Sponsors: Honey: Get the free browser extension that can help you find savings all around the internet by going to! Zocdoc: Now is the time to prioritize your health. Go to and download the ZocDoc app to sign up for free and book a top-rated doctor! -- Links! 2021 glasses (don't buy these they are truly worthless. Though I guess they aren't as bad as 2020 glasses.): Membership:   See for privacy information.
  • 251-Icelandic Legends: Ghosts of Christmas Past
    Two stories of Christmas in Iceland. So that apparently means wizards and zombies? The creature is the Cuegle! It's like a walking great white shark with terrible self-esteem -- Sponsors: June's Journey: Check it out on the Apple App Store or Google Play! Grubhub: This holiday season, give the gift of Grubhub. Quip: Go to and you'll get your first refill free! Quip, the good habits company. -- Music: All music by See for privacy information.

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