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Podcast Pardon My Take

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  • NFL Week 12, Fastest 2 Minutes, Are The Rams Frauds? And Its Over With Big Ben
    NFL Week 12 fastest 2 minutes to start the show. We then recap every game from Sunday.  (00:02:23 - 00:07:42) Browns, Ravens (00:07:42 - 00:15:30) Bucs, Colts (00:15:30 - 00:29:06) Patriots, Titans (00:29:06 - 00:39:20) Giants, Eagles (00:39:20 - 00:46:39) Dolphins, Panthers  (00:46:39 - 00:59:00) Jets, Texans (00:59:00 - 01:07:32) Bengals, Steelers (01:07:32 - 01:14:02) Falcons, Jaguars (01:14:02 - 01:24:23) Broncos, Chargers (01:24:23 - 01:32:36) 49ers, Vikings (01:32:36 - 01:41:48) Packers, Rams (01:41:48 - Football guy of the week and who's back of the week including Jim Harbaugh and Michigan.
  • Frank Gore, The Bella Twins, Thanksgiving And Week 12 Preview & Picks
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We recap MNF and talk come CFP scenarios. Thanksgiving preview and picks and America is going to be forced to watch Tim Boyle vs Andy Dalton(00:02:26-00:37:27). Hot Seat/Cool Throne(00:37:27-00:53:52). Frank Gore joins the show to talk about his career, his upcoming fight, his balls flopping everywhere and Jim Harbaugh(00:55:31-01:20:55). We preview Week 12 and make our picks(01:22:07-01:48:11). Then wrap up the show with the Bella Twins in studio(01:49:50-02:14:37).
  • NFL Week 11 Recap, Fastest 2 Minutes And We Almost Break Up As A Podcast Halfway Through The Show
    NFL week 11. we start with Fastest 2 minutes and then recap every game from Sunday (00:02:23 - 00:08:41) Colts, Bills (00:08:41 - 00:22:16) Vikings, Packers (00:22:16 - 00:32:15) WFT, Panthers (00:32:15 - 00:38:48) Eagles, Saints (00:38:48 - 00:49:30) 49ers, Jags ( 00:49:30- 00:59:49) Ravens, Bears (00:59:49 - 01:07:21) Browns, Lions (01:07:21 - 01:17:27) Texans, Titans  (01:17:27 - 01:27:30) Dolphins, Jets (01:27:30 - 01:33:19) Cardinals, Seahawks (01:33:19 - 01:40:18) Bengals, Raiders (01:40:18 - 01:43:23) Chiefs, Cowboys (01:43:23 - 01:56:11) Football guy of the week and who's back of the week wraps up what may be the last Pardon my take ever.
  • Julian Edelman, NFL Week 11 Preview & Fyre Fest Of The Week 11
    We watched Thursday Night Football with Julian Edelman and have him in studio to talk about Mac Jones and the NFL season through 11 weeks(00:02:18-00:40:37). NFL Week 11 preview and picks of every game including Matt Nagy blaming no one but everyone(00:40:37-01:19:36). Fantasy Jake Marshes makes its debut and we wrap up the show with Fyre Fest of the Week(01:19:36-01:37:48:08).
  • The Office’s Brian Baumgartner, Pitt QB Kenny Pickett, MNF And A Special Wednesday Reading
    We do some MNF clean up and ask whether the Rams are actually good or not. Mike McCarthy monkey butt. College Football talk(00:02:54-00:29:48). Hot Seat/Cool Throne and Coach K has a major problem at Duke with everyone getting DUI’s(00:29:48-00:51:02). Brian Baumgartner aka Kevin Malone from the office joins the show to talk about his new book, The Office, and the Packers probably winning the Super Bowl(00:51:02-01:22:32). Pitt QB Kenny Pickett joins the show to talk about the Game Of The Year, 2 gloves, his hand size, upcoming draft and more(01:22:32-01:44:22. We finish with a very special Wednesday reading from Dan Orlovsky’s blog(01:44:22-02:05:29).

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