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  • 430: TikTok Heaven 3000
    We’re talking TikTok WAIT NO we’re talking the SEC fining Justin Sun and numerous celebrities spokespeople for cryptocurrency shenanigans! Then, it’s sadly time to bid goodbye to DPReview, the beloved camera website. Meanwhile, we never even got to say hello to Tax Heaven 3000, a dating sim/tax filing software that Steam yanked unceremoniously this week — or did they?
  • 429: Bank Run
    Tonight’s special guest is The Verge’s senior writer Elizabeth Lopatto, to discuss what else but: THE COLLAPSE OF SILICON VALLEY BANK. She’s a pragmatic, expert voice to walk all of us through a confusing and dramatic weekend, and she knows what we should be keeping an eye on next. Then, Brianna and Simone discuss the existence of the moon, and Scream 6!
  • 428: AI Everywhere All At Once
    Simone is back but still dying of Italian respiratory diseases. Still, we’re in for a high-energy show! Let’s talk about Google’s forays into AI — are they behind Microsoft, or will their years of research put them out ahead in the end? Then, a Spotify redesign threatens to make the app more visually similar to TikTok. Is Spotify doing something smart or overextending itself? Finally, Christina explains one of the biggest financial scams in recent memory.
  • 427: Elizabeth Holmes Baby
    This week on Rocket, Simone kissed too many Italians, so Brianna and Christina are running amok. They talk about the new ChatGPT API and the potential it could have on different startups and industries, the risky bets Binance made with its customer’s money (without telling them) and Elizabeth Holmes’ latest attempt to get out of jail, thus saving Christina $500.
  • 426: Cool ISIS Video
    This week on Rocket, Simone is in Italy, so Brianna and Christina are joined by special guest Alex Cranz! They discuss some important technology cases in front of the Supreme Court, Meta’s new plan for verified Facebook and Instagram accounts, and finally wrap things up with some delicious dirt about the most successful show on TV that you don’t watch, but your parents definitely do, Yellowstone.

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