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  • Dame Jacqueline Wilson (REPLAY): How She Wrote Over 100 Books
    This is a replay from last year with one of my biggest writing inspirations: Dame Jacqueline Wilson! Her 111th novel Love Frankie is out now which we talk about in this episode, we also talk about her journey into being one of the nation's most loved writers, her writing process, why she's always wanted to discuss deeper issues, her trouble with computers and why she loves meeting her readers in person. I remember being so excited about this and getting to meet her in person in between the first lot of lockdowns. Hope you enjoy and if you did please do leave a rating or a review! xo  See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • #364 Martha Beck: The Healing Power of Not Telling Lies
    Hello and welcome back to Ctrl Alt Delete. This is a brand new episode with the brilliant Martha Beck, a return guest! I wanted to invite her back on, to talk about her book The Way Of Integrity. Martha Beck, if you didn’t already know, is a Harvard-trained sociologist, world-renowned coach and New York Times bestselling author. She has published nine non-fiction books, one novel, and more than 200 magazine articles. The Way of Integrity is her new book all about being your full undivided self, coming back to your true nature, it's about not telling lies to yourself or others. Martha tells us about integrity cleanses, something that started years ago when she decided to not tell a single lie for a year. I love Martha’’s work because it's sort of science meets spooky; so much scientific data and spiritual stuff also. It’s also the first self-help book based on Dante's Inferno and It’s brilliant. I loved the episode, definitely go grab a copy of the book!Buy Martha's book The Way Of Integrity here:  See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • #363 Africa Brooke: Are You Self-Censoring Yourself Online?
    Africa Brooke is a consultant, coach, writer and speaker who specialises in helping many people including public figures. entrepreneurs, teams, and individuals with challenges related to self-censorship and self-sabotage. I really enjoy following Africa’s work, her straightforward (yet compassionate) no BS route to helping people examine what is going on with them, establish boundaries and define their values. There is such a genuine curiosity to Africa’s approach which I love.In January 2021. Africa published an open letter called ‘Why I’m leaving the cult of wokeness’ which has now been read almost 5 million times. You can read the full thing here: discuss this, why she invites people 'into the grey', why uncomfortable conversations matter and much much more. I hope you enjoy this conversation!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • #362: Emily Ratajkowski: Feminism, Sexuality & Power
    Hello, my guest today is Emily Ratajkowski, a model, actress, entrepreneur, and writer. She has starred in David Fincher's Gone Girl, among other films and has appeared on the covers of multiple magazines and walked the runway for numerous high fashion brands. Her 2020 essay for New York magazine, "Buying Myself Back," garnered over one million views within twenty-four hours and was the magazine's most-read piece of the year. My Body is her first book, and it’s out now, which we discuss the book in this episode. If you enjoyed her piece for New York magazine, you will absolutely love the book. It explores feminism, sexuality, power, men's treatment of women and women's rationalisations. These essays chronicle moments from Ratajkowski's life while investigating the culture we live in and its obsession with and contempt for women's sexuality and the dynamics of the fashion and film industries, and the grey areas when it comes to discussing such topics. Hope you enjoy this conversation!Get your copy of My Body here: hello!- My books: Twitter: Instagram:  See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • #361 Pamela Paul: The Things We've Lost To The Internet
    My guest today is Pamela Paul, the editor of The New York Times Book Review. She oversees all books coverage at The New York Times and is also the host of the weekly Book Review podcast there too. Dream job alert!! She is also the author and editor of six books: including My Life with Bob,  and By the Book: Writers on Literature and the Literary Life. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic and Vogue. Today we are discussing her new book, 100 Things We’ve Lost to the Internet. In one hundred glimpses of that pre-Internet world, Pamela presents a captivating record of the world before cyberspace—from voicemails to blind dates to punctuation to bad photos. It’s a nostalgic, analytic, warm and funny book about the things we tend to forget were a part of our lives, and the things we miss and the things we dont. It’ll have you reminiscing with friends and also feeling grateful for what the internet has brought to our lives. Hope you enjoy this episode :-)Get your copy of 100 Things We’ve Lost to the Internet here: Say hello!- My books: Twitter: Instagram:  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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