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Podcast Hello Monday

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  • Building wealth with Beatriz Acevedo
    Beatriz Acevedo began her career as a TV host with a prime time show on Televisa. She later pivoted to run her own tech media company, Mitú. An early financial scare made a deep impression though, and during the pandemic Beatriz launched a new venture with a massive social goal in mind: she wants to help the LatinX community build wealth. In this conversation with Jessi Hempel, she talks about her own experience with money. And she explains how her new company, Suma Wealth, plans to arm the LatinX community with economic power.
  • The Great Resignation
    Whether you know it as "The Great Resignation," "The Great Reshuffle," or something else entirely, job turnover in 2021 remains quite high in many sectors. In this episode, first released this summer, Jessi explores the phenomenon. She speaks with a LinkedIn colleague, several community members, and Professor Anthony Klotz, who went viral for predicting the trend - and has tips to consider before walking out the door.
  • Bonus Episode: In the Arena with Leah Smart, feat. Nedra Tawwab
    In this episode of our sister podcast, In the Arena, host Leah Smart sits down with best-selling author and relationship expert Nedra Tawwab for a talk about setting healthy boundaries.
  • Digital Body Language with Erica Dhawan
    Much of the working world is online these days, and it’s imperative to figure out how to read the digital room. Enter Erica Dhawan - collaboration expert and author of the new book, Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance. She joins Jessi to share the genesis of her work, demystify online communication styles, and offer a few tangible tips.
  • Beating Burnout with Emily and Amelia Nagoski
    Burnout is on the minds of the Hello Monday team and community. In this episode from the Hello Monday archives, Jessi speaks with sisters Emily and Amelia Nagoski, co-authors of the book Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle to better understand what burnout is and how to cope with it. On Wednesday, Nov 10, join us for Hello Monday Office Hours live on the LinkedIn News Page. Bring your questions and tips for beating burnout to our community conversation.

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