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  • Dame Hilary Mantel, John McVicar, Joyce Reynolds, Paul Sartin
    Matthew Bannister on Dame Hilary Mantel (pictured), the Booker prize winning novelist best known for the Wolf Hall trilogy. John McVicar, the former armed robber who studied sociology in prison and became a writer and broadcaster. Joyce Reynolds, the eminent Cambridge classicist who specialised in the study of epigraphs and taught Dame Mary Beard who joins us to remember her. The multi-instrumentalist and singer Paul Sartin, a key figure on the English folk scene and member of the band Bellowhead. His band mate Sam Sweeney pays tribute. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Laurie Taylor Interviewed guest: Dame Mary Beard Interviewed guest: Sam Sweeney Interviewed guest: Jon Wilks Archive clips used: Company Pictures/ Playground Entertainment/ BBC, Wolf Hall – E01 Three Card Trick 21/01/2015; BBC News, interview with Hilary Mantel 03/05/2020; BBC Radio 4, Front Row – extended interview with Hilary Mantel 05/06/2012; BBC Radio 4, The Reith Lectures – Hilary Mantel 13/06/2017; Polytel/ The Who Films, McVicar (1980) UK TV Trailer; BBC One, Straight Talk – John McVicar interview 09/05/1980; BBC Radio 4, Six Men – John McVicar interview 20/04/1986; Loftsingers Andover, Andover Museum Loft Singers Promo 13/10/2018.
  • Jean-Luc Godard, Barbara Ehrenreich, Dennis Wilson, Mavis Nicholson
    Kirsty Lang on Jean-Luc Godard (pictured), the critic and filmmaker who revolutionised French cinema. The writer and journalist Barbara Ehrenreich, whose bestseller 'Nickel and Dimed', is considered a classic in social justice literature. Captain Dennis Wilson, the Normandy veteran whose war poems were ranked alongside Wilfred Owen’s... And Mavis Nicholson, the Welsh broadcaster with a knack for making her subjects talk about matters that they had never previously confronted in public. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Ian Christie Interviewed guest: Professor James Williams Interviewed guest: Alissa Quart Interviewed guest: Professor Tim Crook Interviewed guest: Steve Nicholson Interviewed guest: Maureen Lipman Archive clips used: Les Films de la Pléiade/ Pathé Consortium Cinéma, Vivre Sa Vie (1962) - Trailer; Daphne Productions Inc/ WNET/ Thirteen, The Dick Cavett Show – Interview with Jean-Luc Godard 23/10/1980; Les Films Impéria/ Les Productions Georges de Beauregard/ Société Nouvelle de Cinématographie (SNC), À bout de souffle (1960) - Trailer; Rome Paris Films/ Les Films Concordia/ Compagnia Cinematografica Champion, Le Mépris (1963) - Clip; BBC Radio 3, Night Waves 30/01/2003; BBC Radio 4, Woman’s Hour – Barbara Ehrenreich interview 22/09/2008; BBC Radio 4, Today Programme – Captain Dennis Wilson interview 19/11/2013; Thames TV/ Pineapple Productions, Mavis catches up with Kenny Everett – jingle 15/11/1989; Thames TV/ Channel 4 , Mavis on 4 – Elizabeth Taylor interview 10/02/1988; Thames TV, Afternoon Plus – David Bowie interview 16/02/1979; BBC Wales, Being Mavis Nicholson: TV’s Greatest Interviewer 25/08/2016.
  • Bill Turnbull, Anne Sutton, Norah Vincent, Drummie Zeb
    Matthew Bannister on Bill Turnbull (pictured), the journalist and BBC Breakfast presenter who was also a beekeeper and committed fan of Wycombe Wanderers. Anne Sutton, whose detailed studies of the life and times of King Richard III transformed his reputation. Norah Vincent, who wrote a best-selling book about her experience of living as a man for eighteen months and then suffered a mental breakdown. Drummie Zeb, the drummer and vocalist with the British reggae band Aswad. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Sian Williams Interviewed guest: Wendy Moorhen Interviewed guest: Justine Hardy Interviewed guest: Brinsley Forde Archive clips used: BBC One, BBC Breakfast 27/04/2001; BBC News, London Bombs at Kings Cross 08/07/2005; BBC Three, Strictly Dance Fever on Three 01/04/2006; BBC One, BBC Breakfast - Bill Turnball talks about cancer 21/12/2018; WeTalkWycombe/ YouTube Channel, Best Wycombe Wanderers Chants! 06/07/2020; BBC One, BBC Breakfast 23/01/2007; BBC One, Celebrity Mastermind 01/01/2008; London Film Production/ L.O.P., Richard III (1955) film; Quite Frankly Productions/ BBC Hardtalk Extra, Norah Vincent 21/04/2006; ABC News, Self-Made Man: Norah Vincent 2006; Elephant House Studios/ Tribute, Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Concert 11/06/1988.
  • Mikhail Gorbachev, Stella 'Jaye' Edwards, Jerry Allison
    Matthew Bannister on The last President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev (pictured), who was feted in the West but often derided in his own country. We follow his journey from a collective farm in Stavropol to momentous times in the Kremlin, including the introduction of Perestroika and Glasnost, the end of the Cold War and the coup that toppled him from power. Stella 'Jaye' Edwards, who was the last surviving British woman pilot who delivered planes from factories to front line bases during the second world war. Jerry Allison, the drummer and songwriter with Buddy Holly and the Crickets, whose girlfriend inspired their hit song 'Peggy Sue'. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Bridget Kendall Interviewed guest: John Eames Petersen Interviewed guest: Geoff Barker Archive clips used: BBC Radio 4, Today programme 31/08/2022; BBC Two, Newsnight 30/08/2022; CNN - Larry King, Mikhail Gorbachev interview November 1993; UVA Miller Center, President Ronald Reagan speech on the Geneva Summit 21/11/1985; Pizza Hut, Gorbachev TV spot commercial January 1998; Juno Beach Centre / YouTube Channel, Jaye Edwards interview 19/02/2019; British Pathé, Sir Stafford Cripps and the A.T.A. (1943); Geoff Barker Archives, Jerry Allison interview.
  • Margaret Keane, Keith Smith, Mario Fiorentini, Brenda Fisher
    Matthew Bannister on Margaret Keane (pictured), the American artist whose paintings of children with 'Big Eyes' became hugely popular in the 1960s. Her identity as the painter was kept secret by her husband who claimed the works as his own. Keith Smith, the market trader who co-founded the Poundland chain of shops. Mario Fiorentini, Italy’s most decorated partisan, who risked torture and death to fight the German occupation of his country. Brenda Fisher, the long distance swimmer from Grimsby who became an international celebrity after breaking the women’s speed record for swimming the English Channel. Producer: Emily Finch Interviewed guest: Larry Karaszewski Interviewed guest: Steve Smith Interviewed guest: Philip Cooke Interviewed guest: Alessandro Portelli Interviewed guest: Lucy Wood Interviewed guest: Peter Winchester MBE Archive clips used: Westinghouse Broadcasting Company / Mike Douglas Entertainments, The Mike Douglas Show - Interview with Margaret Keane 1972; BBC World Service, Outlook - Margaret Keane interview 30/12/2014; Duane Anderly, 1964 Lost Interview with Walter and Margaret Keane from YouTube; The Weinstein Company / Silverwood Films / Tim Burton Productions, Big Eyes (film clip) 2014; Express & Star YouTube Channel, Founder of Poundland, Keith Smith opens his grounds up for a festival 25/06/2015; BBC One, Antiques Roadshow: Series 41 - Pioneering Women Special 10/06/2018; BBC Sound Archive, Swim The Channel 17/08/1951.

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