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  • The cult, the crocodile and my journey back to love
    This podcast contains references to child sexual abuse. Juliana Buhring was born into a religious cult that she says brought her up with a warped idea of love. She was separated from her mum at the age of three and ended up living in communes in more than 20 different countries. When she left the group at the age of 23, she went on to discover healthier, less exploitative ways to love. But when a crocodile took the life of the man she had fallen in love with, Juliana hatched a plan to deal with the grief and embarked on a journey that would get her into the record books. Her book about her experience is called This Road I Ride. If you've been affected by any of the issues in the programme, you can find information about where to get help and support at Befrienders Worldwide or through the BBC Action Line. Get in touch: [email protected] Presenter: Jo Fidgen Producer: Edgar Maddicott (Photo: Juliana Buhring. Credit: Courtesy of Juliana Buhring)
  • The 'deepest man on earth'
    Herbert Nitsch is a free diver, he dives without breathing equipment. In 2012 he broke a new world record, diving to a depth of 253 metres but on the way back up things went wrong. This episode was first broadcast on 2nd November 2019. Get in touch: [email protected] Presenter: Asya Fouks Producer: Tom Harding Assinder (Photo: Herbert Nitsch surrounded by jellyfish. Credit: ®herbertnitsch)
  • The teenager who baked her way out of a crisis
    When Kitty Tait was in her early teens, she started struggling with anxiety and depression. Her family tried various activities, like art and dog walking, to try and help her, but nothing worked. Then Kitty tried baking, and everything changed. Soon she was baking dozens of loaves, then hundreds, and her mental health improved on the way. When she was 15, alongside her father Alex, Kitty opened her own business, The Orange Bakery, and it's been a big hit in their English village. They have a book coming out called Breadsong. Get in touch: [email protected] Presenter: Datshiane Navanayagam Producer: Harry Graham (Photo: Kitty Tait. Credit: Mark Lord)
  • Why my parents sent my brothers to live in North Korea
    Filmmaker Yonghi Yang grew up in Japan in the 1960s, as part of Osaka's large ethnic Korean community. Facing anti-Korean prejudice in Japan, and inspired by the North Korean regime’s promise of a socialist paradise, her parents made the momentous decision to send their three teenage sons to live in the North Korean capital Pyongyang in the early 1970s, as a sort of ‘birthday gift’ to North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung. Yonghi remained behind with her parents and has spent a lifetime trying to make sense of their decision and its consequences. Yonghi has made films about her experience, the latest is called Soup and Ideology. Get in touch: [email protected] Presenter: Jo Fidgen Producer: Laura Thomas (Photo: The Arch of Reunification in Pyongyang, North Korea. Credit: Pablo Bonfiglio via Getty Images)
  • The choir without vocal cords
    Doctor Thomas Moors has understood the power of the voice since he was part of a boys' choir in Belgium. He took that knowledge with him into his career and now specialises in ears, nose and throat. And now he has done what some thought impossible - formed a choir for people in the UK who have had their voice boxes surgically removed, mostly because of throat cancer, through an operation called a laryngectomy. We also hear the stories of Shout at Cancer choir members Sara Bowden-Evans and Ian Bradshaw, and we meet award-winning American filmmaker Bill Brummel, who has also had a laryngectomy, and has made a documentary about the choir called Can you hear my voice? This programme was originally broadcast in March 2020. Get in touch: [email protected] Presenter: Mariana Des Forges Producer: Deiniol Buxton and Thomas Harding Assinder Picture: The Shout at Cancer choir Credit: Bill Brummel Productions

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