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Podcast Word of Mouth
Podcast Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth


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  • Digital body language: how to work online
    Michael Rosen gets advice from Erica Dhawan on the best ways to communicate on-screen, as people work and live more in zoom, text, social media and email rather than meeting up. We need to find new ways of talking to each other 'virtually'. Erica Dhawan is the author of Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance. Produced by Beth O'Dea for BBC Audio in Bristol.
  • When people get your name wrong
    Michael Rosen on why personal names are so often mispronounced or misspelled, in conversation and online. With guest Dhruti Shah, linguist Dr Laurel MacKenzie, and lots of stories from the Word of Mouth audience. Produced by Beth O'Dea for BBC Audio in Bristol
  • Accent Bias
    Michael Rosen asks Professor Devyani Sharma about the latest research into accent bias in the UK. Which are the highest and lowest rated accents, and why does it matter so much? Produced by Beth O'Dea for BBC Audio in Bristol More information on the work of the Accent Bias Britain project:
  • Cultish Language
    Michael Rosen and Amanda Montell talk about the language used by cults that has permeated other, and more unexpected, areas of life. Produced by Beth O'Dea for BBC Audio in Bristol.
  • Medical English
    Michael Rosen asks Dr Sophie Harrison about the strange and special new language she had to learn to become a doctor, having been an editor at Granta Magazine. She's written a book about her language journey: The Cure For Good Intentions: A Doctor's Story. Produced by Beth O'Dea for BBC Audio in Bristol

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