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  • Jillie Reil-The Cougar Of Comedy
     Jillie Reil IS The Cougar of Comedy and one helluva a talented writer, actress, comedian and producer of shows to benefit the troops!    Jillie sits down with us to share details of  her awesome upbringing in small town Minnesota with a mom who worked at a toy factory, enjoying a bedroom full of Michael Jackson posters and running around town with her girl gang The Trailer Park Girls. Guest co-host Chad Ridgely chimes in with how they met and she shares how he accidentally flattered her on a music video set which now helps her drive more traffic to her website. Plus the story about one of her best friends who encouraged her to get out of her “nerd” shell and audition and join the dance team. We also get a glimpse of the music that inspired her to move to California and study to become a lawyer and made a hard right turn to land in Hollywood. This inspires a defining conversation about loving local music and whether you are allowed to crank songs from No Doubt, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime or Tupac while living in Southern California. Then we wrap up with our First and Last Concert stories. Keep up with Jillie Reil and her music and projects at her website Contact the show at
  • Anastasia Washington
    ANASTASIA WASHINGTON is an actress, writer, singer, comedian and filmmaker who has recorded with artists like Michael Jackson, and Harry Connick Jr. She's made appearances on The Addams Family Series, Die Hard 2 and La Femme Nikkita and even  featured on LadySpike with her piece “8 Things Not To Say To Your Biracial Friend.” Her comedic genius rolls over into creating parody songs as well. Through her Fave5 songs she shares what she's been up to during quarantine to stay creative and sane, how her mom is so much cooler than she is, learn about what it is like growing up in a biracial family, plus her first love and the songs that allow her to have that "super emo moment" as an adult. We also get a chance to bond with Anastasia over her love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and how another tv show almost influenced her career choice and that everywhere is a good place to perform (even in the stands at Sea World!) Did you like the songs? Want to know more about the artists? Check out the song nuggets on our blog at We wrap up the show with her First and Last Concert experience...if you would like to chat with Anastasia about her  music or her creative endevours, follow her on Instagram. You can email the show at [email protected] Thanks for checking us out!    
  • Angie Stocker
    ANGIE STOCKER is a Los Angeles based comedian and business owner! She runs Highly Crafty, a weed inspired craft shop on Etsy featuring leggings, purses, accessories jewelry and cards. She also runs a YouTube Channel of the same name “Highly Crafty” teaching folks how to make awesome crafts at home like candles or dish towels.   In this episode we learn all about how she got started in comedy and performed at the iconic Comedy Cellar in NYC for her FIRST TIME! Through her Fave5 songs, we discover her Illinois roots and these wild dreams she'd have of modeling in Paris, to finding her fellow theater nerds and what her dream role would be in a musical. Plus we dive into where we fell on the EastCoast/West Coast battle of the 90s and how a dance team routine to a Tupac Biggie mashup tore apart the town. We play Band Or Bar in Laguna Beach, CA before learning out her First and Last Convert experiences. You can find links to all of her endeavors and connect with the show at
  • Avi Greene: Performer and Cofounder of Feel Alive Foods
    Avi Greene is a personal trainer and nutrition coach. She is the co-founder of Feel Alive Foods a company that helps people on restrictive diets (due to autoimmunue disorders, diabetes or heart issues) with food prep and create meals with flavor! She is advenurous, mom of 3, musically obsessed and regularly plays piano for her Instagram followers.   Avi  joins Maggi and Dave to share about how she started her amazing business Feel Alive Foods before divulging us with her performance-based past. Avi shares songs and stories that reminder her of her dad (plus she raps a song he wrote for her as a kid!) One of the songs on her list makes our hosts cry and deters us into a conversation about relationships and what makes them work! Avi explores the idea of unlearning a lof of childhood lessons to become more empowered and what it looks like to teach these new ideals to her young daughter. We play a round of Band Or Bar in New York before diving into First and Last Concert stories where Maggi surprises us with how she got out of a speeding ticket with radio tee-shirts.   Keep up with Avi on Instagram and her business Feel Alive Foods as well. You can learn more about the artsists featured on the show at
  • Charlie Hester
    Meet Charlie Hester. A Dirty Ray of Sunshine. In this special rereleased episode, we learn all about how she got started with a ukulele and her rituals before performing stand up comedy...that she can name. Plus, learn about the coolest show in the Midwest (that she hosts and created) and the John Register. A sign in sheet for the toilet. She shares songs that she learned from her kids, how she balances parenting and performing, and what she hopes her kids will take away and grow up with. We learn all about what makes small town Illinois special and all of  the famous people from her hometown before we dive into her First Concert Experience. Learn more about the music she brought to the show on our blog.   Keep up with Charlie and find all of her social media profiles at

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