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Podcast In Touch

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  • Drag Queens and Kings
    Like many things in the art and performance sector, there isn't much that blind and visually impaired people haven't been involved in. And drag is no exception. It is thought to have been around in the UK since Shakespearean times and the first recorded drag queen is thought to have been in 1732. It has a long and rich history here in the UK. Today, drag reaches far beyond just drag queens. There are drag kings, performers experimenting with androgyny, celebrity impersonators, and much more. We wanted to find out more about the art form of drag and how visually impaired people go about it, so we spoke to Jake Sawyers, aka drag queen Venetia Blind and Amelia Lander- Cavallo, aka drag king Tito Bone. Presenter: Peter White Producer: Beth Hemmings Website image description: A group of drag humans. They are all waving and making faces at the camera. Everyone is in bright colours, fantastic make up and a lot of eco glitter. Picture taken by Christopher Andreou. Audio clip of the RuPaul's Drag Race theme song is used by permission of World of Wonder Ltd.
  • Audiobooks
    We're discussing three audiobooks: Cold In Hand by John Harvey and narrated by Nick Boulton, Lost for Words by Stephanie Butland and narrated by Imogen Church and The Pigeon Tunnel by John le Carré and narrated by... John le Carré. Peter reviews the stories and themes and, most importantly, the narration with guests Richard Land and Fiona Dunn. Presenter: Peter White Producer Beth Hemmings Website Image Description: the image shows a stack of multicoloured books on a wooden table. Next to them is a pair of large headphones, with a wire leading into the spine of the book on top. Representing the conversion of physical books into an audiobook format. Links to audiobooks discussed in the show: Lost for Words: Cold In Hand: The Pigeon Tunnel: Audio credits: Lost for Words ©2017 Stephanie Butland (P)2017 Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd. Cold in Hand, used by permission from W.F. Howes Ltd. The Pigeon Tunnel, used by permission from Penguin Random House Ltd.
  • The Lives of Youngsters
    Kerry Burke, Eilidh Morrison and Reece Watt are all from Scotland and are members of the youth forum Haggeye. Haggeye first began in 2007 as part of RNIB Scotland. Its a place where young people from all over Scotland can meet to socialise and campaign on issues such as accessible transport, the need for more educational material in formats such as braille and audio and more. We speak to the three youngsters about their involvement in Haggeye and their lives more generally. We ask for their thoughts in relation to education, jobs, relationships and The Scottish Youth Parliament, of which Kerry and Eilidh are members. Presenter: Peter White Producer: Beth Hemmings Website Image Description: the image shows three young people sat around a table having a discussion and enjoying a cup of tea. On the table is a large red spotted teapot. In the foreground are two young females, seemingly enjoying each other's conversation. Between them is a young man in a striped shirt and glasses. He is leaning in to listen.
  • Former British Army Soldier; then and now.
    Back in 2007, Craig Lundberg was a decorated British Army soldier. He was one of the army's youngest junior leaders and was frequently being used by special forces. However during a roof top fire fight, Craig was hit with an RPG and was blinded instantly. Shortly after this happened, Peter visited him in Liverpool to hear about how he'd coped with his sudden sight loss. Back then, Craig's determination to lead a 'normal' life and the maturity in which he faced the realities of becoming blind made us want to revisit him, 14 years later. This episode is all about how Craig's life has panned out, his pursuits in extreme sport, his businesses and about the day to day life of this family man. Presenter: Peter White Producer: Beth Hemmings Website Image Description: pictured is Craig Lundberg stood outside the estate agency that he owns, called Whitegates. To the far left of the image is one of the shop windows, displaying available properties. Craig is stood on the right side of the image, in front of another window that has a huge white Christmas sleigh on display, with teddies of Olaf from Frozen and an elf sat inside it. The window itself is larger than the other and it has a two stencils on it, one of a Christmas tree and the other reads 'Merry Christmas'.
  • In Touch at Christmas
    We visited St Vincent’s School in Liverpool where the children have been dubbed Climate Heroes for their work toward climate action. The visually impaired pupils have been doing their bit to ease the environmental crisis, by planting and growing their own produce and handing it out to their local community, by writing stories to encourage and influence discussions about climate change and they've been thinking up ways technology can reduce our carbon footprint. They've undergone various climate related projects this year, and some of their pupils even attended the COP26 summit in Glasgow. We hear about all of these. Join in the In Touch Christmas party, where we speak to comedian Jamie MacDonald, jazz and soul singer Katriona Taylor and musical couple Denise Leigh and Stefan Andrishin who tease out a few of the challenges of Christmas as blind or visually impaired people. They share festive anecdotes, jokes and Katriona treats us with some festive tunes. Presenter: Peter White Producer: Beth Hemmings Website image description: pictured is Peter White and one of St Vincent’s pupils, Abyan Farouk in the school's chapel. Peter is stood on the left and Abyan on the right. To the right of Abyan is a Christmas tree adorned with red and gold baubles and gold lights. To the left of Peter is a grand display of marble angels.

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