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  • Episode 457: Hannah Giorgis
    Hannah Giorgis is a staff writer at The Atlantic. Her latest feature is "Most Hollywood Writers’ Rooms Look Nothing Like America.” ”In general, when we talk about representation, we talk about what we see on our screens. We're talking about actors, we're talking about who are the lead characters, what are the storylines that they're getting. And I'm always interested in that. But I'm really, really interested in power ... how it operates, and process.” Show notes: @hannahgiorgis 01:00 "Most Hollywood Writers’ Rooms Look Nothing Like America” (The Atlantic • Sep 2021) 05:00 "How the '90s Kinda World of Living Single Lives on Today" (The Atlantic • Aug 2018) 05:00 Longform Podcast #165: Jazmine Hughes 17:00 "Corporate America’s $50 Billion Promise" (Tracy Jan, Jena McGregor, Meghan Hoyer • Washington Post • Aug 2021) 23:00 "tattoo this article on my back." (Issa Rae • Twitter) 25:00 "One Of The World's Best Long Distance Runners Is Now Running For His Life" (Buzzfeed • Nov 2016) 27:00 "The Fleeting Promise of a Peaceful Ethiopia" (The Atlantic • Apr 2021) 36:00 "Episode 5: Young East African Girl (with Hannah Giorgis)" ( Tracy Clayton, Heben Nigatu • Another Round • Apr 2015) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Episode 456: Sarah A. Topol
    Sarah A. Topol is a writer-at-large for The New York Times Magazine. Her latest feature is ”Is Taiwan Next?” ”I think you never actually ask people head-on about what they've been through. You always ask people to just tell you what they want to tell you about anything that has happened to them…. This event that happened to you, it doesn't define you. It’s not why I'm here necessarily. Like, tell me about your childhood. Tell me about your life. Tell me about the things you think are important in your community. And by the time we get to the traumatic part, I hope they've seen enough of who I am and how I interview to feel comfortable telling me that they don't want to talk about certain things.” Show notes: @satopol Topol on Longform 01:00 "Is Taiwan Next?" (New York Times Magazine • Aug 2021) 03:00 "The Schoolteacher and the Genocide" (New York Times Magazine • Aug 2019) 03:00 "Trained to Kill: How Four Boy Soldiers Survived Boko Haram" (New York Times Magazine • Jun 2017) 03:00 "Her Uighur Parents Were Model Chinese Citizens. It Didn’t Matter." (New York Times Magazine • Jan 2020) 03:00 "He Played by the Rules of Putin’s Russia, Until He Didn’t: The Story of a Murder" (New York Times Magazine • Feb 2019) 03:00 "Sons and Daughters" (Harper’s • Aug 2017) 03:00 "This is How You Start a War: Libya’s Frantic Fight for the Future" (GQ • Jun 2011) 12:00 "The Bears Who Came to Town and Would Not Go Away" (Outside • Jun 2016) 30:00 The Beach (Alex Garland • Riverhead • 1997) 37:00 "Tea and Kidnapping" (Atlantic • Oct 2012) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Episode 455: Lawrence Wright
    Lawrence Wright is an author, screenwriter, playwright, and a staff writer for The New Yorker. ”There’s nothing more important about a person than their story. In a way, that’s who we are. And yet, memories fade and people die. So those stories disappear and the job of the journalist is to go out before that happens and accumulate the kinds of stories that are going to help us understand who we are, why we are, where we are right now in time, and try to thread those stories into a coherent narrative. In a way, you give it a kind of immortality. And that’s a big job. It’s a great privilege.” Show notes: @lawrence_wright 00:30 Longform Podcast #83: Lawrence Wright 01:00 God Save Texas: a Journey into the Soul of the Lone Star State (Vintage Books • 2019) 01:00 The End of October (Penguin Random House • 2020) 05:30 "Back in Egypt" (The New Yorker • April 2002) 18:30 "The Plague Year" (The New Yorker • Jan 2021) 19:00 "Zawahiri at the Helm" (The New Yorker • June 2011) 35:00 Remembering Satan A Tragic Case of Recovered Memory (Penguin Random House • 1995) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Episode 454: Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering
    Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering are documentary filmmakers. Their latest miniseries is Allen v. Farrow. ”We're constantly looking for those moments that happen before the story is ever told. Or those moments where someone is deciding to tell a story or is going through a process that they think is private… We think there's something about getting the moment before the first moment that people normally see.. Show notes: 00:00 Exit Scam (Aaron Lammer and Lane Brown • Treats Media • 2021) 00:00 70 over 70 (Max Linsky • Pineapple Street Studios • 2021) 00:00 The Mastermind: A True Story of Murder, Empire, and a New Kind of Crime Lord (Ratliff • Random House • 2020) 00:00 Allen v. Farrow (HBO Documentary Films • 2021) 01:00 The Hunting Ground (CNN Films, Radius • 2015) 01:00 The Invisible War (Cinedigm, Docurama Films • 2012) 01:00 On the Record (HBO Max Original • 2020) 04:00 Sick (Kirby Dick • 1997) 05:00 Derrida (Zeitgeist Films • 2002) 07:00 Private Practices: The Story of a Sex Surrogate (Kirby Dick • Zeitgeist Films • 1985) 26:00 Apropos of Nothing (Woody Allen • Skyhorse Publishing • 2020) 31:00 Twist of Faith (Kirby Dick • HBO • 2004) 51:00 Allen v. Farrow Podcast (HBO • 2021) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Episode 453: Roger Bennett
    Roger Bennett is a co-host of Men In Blazers and the author of (Re)born in the USA: An Englishman's Love Letter to His Chosen Home. “So much of my work is about human tenacity. That value of perseverance, of driving onwards. I believe life is about darkness and happiness. I believe that nothing is given, you fight for everything. And how you operate in moments of doubt and darkness ultimately define you. So I talk a lot as a professional about tenacity. What I've never linked that to before was my own biography. What did surprise me when I read the book as not being about me, but just read it as a book, was how bloody tenacious I was in fleeting moments of real awfulness.” Show notes: @rogbennett 23:30 "The Men in Blazers Show with John Stones and Alex Caruso" (The Men in Blazers Show • March 2021) 29:30 Men in Blazers 29:30 NHL Now 29:30 Band of Brothers podcast 29:30 HBO's Succession Podcast 33:30 "Pat Maroon" (Men in Blazers on Ice) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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