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Podcast The Archers

The Archers


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  • 28/09/2022
    The past returns to haunt Clarrie, and is there a cuckoo in the Nest at Brookfield?
  • 27/09/2022
    Lilian’s keen to show Alan the Bridge Farm family’s ideas for a dedicated window in St Stephen’s. Alan tries to explain that any decision would involve a complicated process, and that church window designs these days tend to focus on broader Christian thinking rather than individual or family dedications. Lilian mentions it would be based on a psalm. Alan goes on to point out the sustainability issues around replacing a good window. Later Alan confides to Usha he feels it’s a vanity project. Usha agrees it’s probably not appropriate. How’s Alan going to tell Peggy? Lilian walks in on Jolene rifling through Kenton’s old diary. Between them they try to find out what happened next in the story of Kenton and Janet Adkin. They discover he gave Janet an ultimatum and she ditched him. Jolene’s about to reveal the identity of the girl Kenton used to make Janet jealous, when he rumbles them. Beth’s pleased to be home from Magaluf. She’s missed Ben. Ben covers his lack of enthusiasm for Vince’s holiday offer by claiming his own gift of Jill’s pendant can’t compete. Beth insists the pendant means much more to her than her dad’s extravagant present. She thinks he’s being weird. Ben confesses the truth behind his mood. When Beth hears he slept with someone and she’s pregnant, she runs for the bathroom. She wonders when he was going to tell her, and wants to know who the girl is. When Ben says it’s Chelsea, and tries to explain, Beth doesn’t want to know and leaves.
  • 26/09/2022
    Eddie updates George on the growing Grundy Borsetshire Bronze turkeys, including his tried and tested sales patter, as they watch the comical poults’ antics. George is impressed with the money they’ll make, and later he asks his Grandpa for a loan of £75 for a ‘business opportunity’. He wants to buy fifteen more turkey poults to supplement their stock. Eddie thinks the price is suspiciously good, but George entreats his Grandpa to trust him. Later when George tells him the deal’s done, Eddie reckons he’s done good. George talks Eddie into promising a ten percent cut of the profits, and Eddie laughs he’s been well and truly fleeced. George wants to start a social media campaign featuring video of the poults – everyone loves pictures of animals doing daft things. Ruth worries Ben’s ill, and Josh covers for him, advising her not to fuss. Ben’s horrified to learn Vince is coming over to talk to him. After Vince has discussed putting extra solar panels on one of the barns he raises the topic of Beth’s birthday present; how would Ben feel about a holiday in New Zealand? Beth’s always wanted to go, and there’s no-one she’d rather go with than Ben. Ruth waxes lyrical, and can’t understand Ben’s lack of enthusiasm. Ben tries to tell Vince he’s too busy to go, but Vince announces the trip will be in the Christmas holidays. Josh reassures Ben. Depending on Chelsea’s decision, he might not even need to tell Beth about the baby. But Ben insists he has to, whatever happens.
  • 25/09/2022
    Kenton confides to Jolene that he’s already missing Shula. He knows it’s silly. Jolene thinks it could be linked to the discovery of his old diary. He admits she might be right, and wonders where all his passion and principles have gone. Jolene asks if she can take a look at the diary. Kenton acquiesces, but she should know there’s lots about girls – and particularly Janet Adkin, his teen crush. Jolene’s soon engrossed – did Kenton manage to get close to Janet on their trip to the cinema? He explains Janet ran out halfway through the film. When Jolene asks what happened next, he becomes defensive and snatches the diary away. Ben’s slumped under his duvet on the pretext of a headache. He insists to Josh there’s nothing wrong between him and Beth, but further than that he won’t talk, and shouts at Josh to go away. Later Ben asks Chelsea to the Stables, and apologises for his panic reaction on Friday to her news. She goes over the events of the night of the rave, and Ben listens awkwardly. Whilst he admits he had sex with her willingly, he was hoping not to have to revisit that night ever again. He establishes Chelsea hasn’t made any decisions, and they discuss who knows about it. He offers Chelsea support, in any way he can. It dawns on him he’ll have to tell Beth. When Josh sees distraught Ben he insists on the truth. Ben tells him, and shocked Josh asks him what he’s going to do. Ben just doesn’t know.
  • 23/09/2022
    Writer, Tim Stimpson Director, Kim Greengrass Editor, Jeremy Howe Jill Archer ….. Patricia Greene David Archer …… Timothy Bentinck Ben Archer ….. Ben Norris Josh Archer ….. Angus Imrie Kenton Archer ….. Richard Attlee Brian Aldridge ….. Charles Collingwood Lilian Bellamy ….. Sunny Ormonde Alice Carter ….. Hollie Chapman Chris Carter ….. Wilf Scolding Neil Carter ….. Brian Hewlett Beth Casey ….. Rebecca Fuller Shula Hebden Lloyd ….. Judy Bennett Brad Horrobin ….. Taylor Uttley Tracy Horrobin ….. Susie Riddell Alistair Lloyd ….. Michael Lumsden Jim Lloyd ….. John Rowe Jazzer McCreary ….. Ryan Kelly Elizabeth Pargetter ….. Alison Dowling Freddie Pargetter ….. Toby Laurence

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