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Podcast The Archers
Podcast The Archers

The Archers


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  • 30/11/2021
    Hazel arrives at The Lodge, tired from her journey. She’s happy with her quiet room at Grey Gables rather than her usual choice of The Royal Garden Suite. She alarms even sceptical Kate when she almost faints. She explains she has Long Covid, and that the seriousness of her illness took her by surprise. Kate remains suspicious of the new, humble Hazel, and believes her change in behaviour and attitude is purely manipulative. Over dinner Hazel declares she’d like to take a look at the rewilding scheme, before announcing she’s tired and must leave. Against Kate’s advice, Peggy offers Hazel a bed at The Lodge. Kate gives way and Hazel accepts. Mia tries in vain to get Will to see how little she has in common with Chelsea; they’ll never be friends. Eddie arrives buoyed up from deputising for Lynda at rehearsals. Will announces that Martyn Gibson has asked him to do some casual work on the shoot, and that he’s agreed. Eddie’s not happy at all, but Will assures him he’s come a long way since he last was near a shotgun, and he’s fine with it. Working the drives is what he enjoys. Mia’s against it and feels it’s a cruel sport, but Will counters the birds have had a happy life. Later Eddie imparts the bad news that Benjamin the donkey won’t be able to perform in the Mystery Plays. Lynda was banking on him as key to the piece. Eddie can’t see how Lynda’s not going to hold him to account for this while she’s away.
  • 29/11/2021
    As Robert prepares to collect Lynda for the journey to Windsor, flustered Lilian refuses to take off her hat. When Robert insists, she reveals bad hair. Fabrice has gone overboard with the highlights at Lilian’s bidding, and she’s in despair. Robert tries to mollify her to no avail. She declares tearfully that she can’t go to the honours ceremony now. She feels small; Lynda wouldn’t fall to pieces over something so trivial. Robert gently reminds Lilian how low Lynda got last year, and how Lilian assured her it didn’t matter how she looked to the people who loved her. He reminds Lilian tomorrow’s Lynda’s day and she needs to man up – she matters and Lynda needs her. Lilian’s impressed with Robert’s speech, and agrees to press on. She’ll fix her hair when she gets back. Blake calls Harrison and tells him he’s read the newspaper article about Philip Moss. He no longer wants to visit Philip, who he now sees as a liar. He wants to help, and tell his story, but only to Harrison, no-one else. Harrison will see what he can do. Lynda catches Eddie red-handed enthusing to Harrison about his Paris trip instead of giving rehearsal notes as she’d instructed. And when Harrison has to duck out, Lynda finds it hard to let go of the reins. Eventually Eddie persuades her she can safely leave and enjoy her occasion – rehearsals are safe in his hands.
  • 28/11/2021
    Peggy’s horrified. Kate’s been giving Hilda the cat CBD oil to calm her down. They’re interrupted by a call from Hazel Woolley. After some small talk Peggy asks Hazel to cut to the chase – what does she want? Hazel reports she’s been quite ill, and it’s made her realise how much she misses Ambridge. She’s coming to stay at Grey Gables on Tuesday. Kate’s less than impressed given Hazel’s past behaviour, but Peggy insists Hazel sounded warm, genuine and different. They have to give her a second chance. Chelsea visits Blake at The Elms, and shows him an interview in the Borchester Echo; someone else has been found who worked for Philip Moss. She helps Blake read the article, and they discover the interview is with Jordan, who’s found out that Philip was claiming his benefits. Blake reserves judgement, unable to believe Philip would do this, but as Chelsea reads on it becomes apparent that Philip has put the blame for the Grey Gables explosion firmly with Blake. At first Blake explodes with rage at Chelsea, accusing her of lying about what’s written. But gradually the scales fall from his eyes and he sees the reality. Philip was always going to drop him in it, and split up the three lads. He wishes he’d died in the explosion. Shocked Chelsea encourages Blake to talk to someone who can help, and to trust them if he can.
  • 25/11/2021
    In charge of making dinner, Jazzer calls Chelsea when she doesn’t arrive home. Chelsea kicks back at Jazzer’s attempts to keep tabs on her and hangs up when Jazzer challenges her on being altruistic. Meanwhile the dinner burns, so Jazzer heads to the shop for more supplies. He moans to Jim about Chelsea’s behaviour. Jim can only wryly smile at Jazzer’s middle-aged attitude. At the bus station in Borchester, Chelsea recognises Blake. She approaches him and apologises for hitting him while driving. She shares her chips and they get talking. Chelsea insists shivering Blake wears her coat. She assesses his appearance and lands on the idea of giving Blake a makeover. They get the bus to Ambridge together, and Chelsea grabs a ‘before’ shot of Blake that she can share online. Back at 6 The Green, Tracy’s about to show Blake his new look. On seeing Jazzer, Blake rushes to leave, but Chelsea persuades him not to. He needn’t be scared of Jazzer. Blake’s impressed with his haircut and Jazzer takes them both to The Bull for dinner. At the bar Jim observes Jazzer’s looking more worn out by the second. He points out gently that while Jazzer might think of himself as an eternal teenager to Chelsea and Blake, he’s old enough to be a father figure. Reflecting on Jim’s words, Jazzer apologises to Chelsea for what he said earlier – she has proved that she is thoughtful with what she’s done for Blake. Chelsea replies Jazzer’s not too bad himself. Jazzer will take that.
  • 24/11/2021
    Ruth lets slip to Alan about online comments on his cider consumption at the Grundys’ vow renewal on Sunday. George made a GIF of Alan worse for wear. Ruth shows it to Alan, who rushes to Grange Farm and explains the situation to Ed. Ed, who’s in the middle of capturing an escaped turkey, promises to get George to take down the GIF. He ropes in Alan to the turkey catching but a call from the Bishop quickly excuses Alan – he needs to stay on the Bishop’s good side! Later Alan reports to Ruth that the Bishop had been sent the offending GIF and is less than impressed. As punishment, the Bishop has ordered Alan to give a keynote speech at a multi-faith charity fundraiser between Christmas and New Year. It means hours of extra work at a time when he’s already really busy. Ed and Oliver discover that more than one turkey has absconded, before figuring out the straw barrier in the pole barn isn’t high enough. Oliver wonders aloud why the turkeys would choose to put themselves in danger of being eaten by a fox outside. Ed asks him to focus, they need to work quickly to round up all the escaped turkeys. Their attempts to catch them are haphazard but eventually they get them all back inside their enclosure. They make a pact never to speak of this again; they wouldn’t want Eddie and Clarrie to worry while on their second honeymoon.

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