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  • Written in the Stars
    How far would you go for love...literally how far would you travel? Would you cross mountains, borders, continents? Today's love story is about one man who bicycled thousands of miles across foreign lands just to be reunited with the woman he loved. The year was 1975. Charlotte, a young Swedish tourist had just driven 22 days along the hippie trail from Sweden to New Delhi India in search of adventure. She spied a handsome young man sketching portraits on the street for cash and asked him if he would draw her. But when he looked at her he knew they were destined to be together. So he told her. Instead of turning tail and running for the hills Charlotte wanted to know more. And thus begins a beautiful love story that spans continents and decades. Learn more about your ad-choices at
  • Blessed
    Arthur and Ben met in church in the nineties. Both men grew up thinking that they might not find a church that accepted them as gay men and that they might not even find love as gay men. But one day in the pews of St. Bart's Episcopal church they found one another and they started a life together. They both wanted to be fathers and they tried open adoption and then regular adoption and fostering but there were so many road blocks.... This episode is the story of three decades of love, how these two found one another in the chaos of the AIDS crisis in the nineties, how they flourished in careers as a lawyer and a scientist. And how they ultimately both chose to leave those fancy careers and serve the church that first brought them together by going back to school. Today Arthur is a priest and Ben is a deacon. They both serve different churches in Georgia. This is a story about resilience and love and God and science and how all of those things come together in messy and beautiful ways. Learn more about your ad-choices at
  • You Can't Just Take it For Granted
    Shannon and Jerome Schwartz are married television writers. But up until a few years ago they had never collaborated on a project. They had their own separate careers and they were very content in their own spheres. But then a project came along that felt like the right thing to do together. And that project was to try to turn the Committed podcast into a television series for ABC Studios. Learn more about your ad-choices at
  • Better Together
    Larry and Sarah Nannery didn't know that Sarah was autistic when they first met and fell in love. They knew their brains worked differently and sometimes that was frustrating, but very often it was also incredibly interesting. They had their miscommunications, but they made figured them out. And then after about seven years of marriage Sarah got a formal diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. I found Larry and Sarah through their book, What to Say Next, where they break down how they communicate as a Neurodiverse couple. This is a love story about learning how your partner's brain works, how every single person's brain is different and unique, and there are lessons in here for all of us. Learn more about your ad-choices at
  • It Takes a Village
    One wife writes romantic comedy novels for a living. The other wife works with the world's most famous relationship guru and had her on speed dial throughout the early days of their relationship and engagement. Does this pairing make for a perfect union? Sometimes it does. But no relationship is perfect. Lindsay and Georgia work at their love every single day and they are the first ones to tell you that it takes a village of other humans to make a marriage succeed. Learn more about your ad-choices at

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