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Millionaires Unveiled

Millionaires Unveiled

Podcast Millionaires Unveiled
Podcast Millionaires Unveiled

Millionaires Unveiled


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  • 208: Net Worth of 5M - 2.5M in Tesla Stock
    Al has a current net worth of five million dollars, of which 2.5M is invested in Tesla stock. He purchased about 1,000 shares of Tesla for $200,000 and the stock has skyrocketed since. Al became a millionaire at the age of 45, prior to investing in Tesla stock (he is now 47 years old). Al shares insight into the financial advisory business, his financial goals, the importance of one's time, and whether more money has brought less stress and more happiness. 
  • 207: Net Worth of 230K - Window Washing Business Since Age 11
    Brandon has a window washing business and makes about 50K a year. He started the company when he was 11 years old and has been growing it ever since. He also has investments in real estate (two townhomes and a plot of land). Brandon and his wife budget for about 3.5K monthly in living expenses. Brandon discusses the tradeoff of growing his business vs time and freedom, how he started in the window washing business, why small business has been a good thing for him, and the importance of finding value and enjoyment in one's work.  Listener Survey -
  • 206: Net Worth of 1.5M - What Does the Next Stage of Life Look Like?
    Cecilia has a current net worth of 1.5M, about 420K of which is in home equity; she also has 640K in retirement accounts. Cecilia shares her story of working in a corporate job before deciding to start her own coaching and development company. She is divorced and has two kids almost off to college. She is working on "what the next stage of life looks like." Cecilia also discusses her upbringing, keeping up with the Joneses, teaching kids about money, and budgeting.
  • 205: Net Worth of 1M - "Don't Buy a Timeshare" and No Real Estate Investments
    Marvin and his wife have been married for about 15 years and have no children. Their current net worth is just over one million dollars, 785K of which is invested in retirement accounts; He also has 30K in home equity. Marvin shares his background which includes joining the military at the age of 17, working in learning and development, and adventure/travel. He also shares advice and insight about paying off personal debt, buying a timeshare, balancing two careers, and more.
  • 204: Net Worth of 2.3M - "My Risk Tolerance is a Big Part of My Success"
    Trae has a net worth of $2.3 Million. Of the 2.3M, 80% is invested in a small business software startup. Trae also has investments in the stock market, real estate, and crypto. He discusses his interest in small business and software, how he started in real estate, and how his high risk tolerance has influenced his financial success. Trae shares advice on lines of credit, work/life balance, financial independence, and his goals for the future.

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