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  • 342: Podcastable Pain
    This week's Nvidia Shield update has Flo wondering if it's time to upgrade her Chromecast with Google TV. Andy has finally achieved "Watch Later" Playlist Zero, and it's just as cathartic as Inbox Zero. Then, you know things are getting interesting when Android's SVP is subtweeting Apple in a public forum. Why is the head of Android speaking candidly about messaging apps? We also discuss MKBHD's recent renunciation of the Pixel 6 Pro and end with the latest details on Google's union-busting tactics.
  • 341: Counting On
    Google announces more compatibility with its Fast Pair technology and more integrations with Android Auto. Then, the ITC found Google guilting of violating patents filed by Sonos. What does that mean for your Nest devices at home? We'll also discuss why a lawsuit claims Google paid off Apple to stay out of its business and why DuckDuckGo's CEO claims Google is abusing its control of Chrome extensions.
  • 340: A Googley Look Back
    It's that weird week before Christmas and New Year's, so Andy and Flo are taking some time for reflection. We'll look back at the ways Google won us over in 2021. The Pixel 6, its revamped security cameras, and its attempt at reviving Wear OS were all extremely valiant efforts. We'll also take stock of some of Google's follies throughout the year, both internally and externally, before paying our respects to those we have lost to the Google Graveyard.
  • 339: It's A Wonderful Phone
    We're taking it easy this week. Andy's honeymoon with the Pixel 6 Pro is nearing its end, and Flo finally got herself a Christmas tree. We'll talk about the PIxel 5a's defeat over the iPhone 13 Pro, why it's not what you think, and why TikTok is beating out Google for traffic. Then we'll get really into the holiday spirit with Google's Santa Village and all the games you can play before diving into the Pixel-themed Tarot deck. Finally, in tribute to our brethren Down Under, we'll end with horror.
  • 338: Keep Your Phone in Your Pocket
    Flo and Andy are making their best impressions of the Christmas spirit. They wonder if Google Glass is coming back and why everyone is racing to put Android apps on Windows PCs. They applaud Google for its strict vaccination policy for its employees and chat about how Apple's latest Android app helps keep AirTag users safe. Then, it's time to bid farewell to the 21-year-old Google Toolbar.

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