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  • 404: Error
    Andy and Flo get access to Bard, and that's all they're talking about. There are two new significant security vulnerabilities affecting Pixel smartphones. What a polarizing week!
  • 403: Catch 22
    Will Google I/O 2023 turn out to be a hardware show? The rumor mill certainly thinks so. We'll discuss Google's plans to infuse AI into Workspace, Samsung's "space zoom" controversy, and the YouTube TV price increase.
  • 402: Reading the Tea Leaves
    YouTube has a new CEO, so we officially say goodbye to Susan Wojcicki and the legacy left behind. Google also revealed when Google I/O 2023 will take place. And Disney thinks it's cheeky putting Baby Yoda into search.
  • 401: Super Quick Charging
    Flo and Andy break down the weirdest and whackiest bits from this week's Mobile World Congress, including folding smartphones and ones that charge too fast. We're not too sure about the Motorola Rizr with a rollable display. Nokia has a budget-priced easy-to-repair smartphone in the U.K., the Pixel Watch finally has fall detection, and Google introduced new widgets this week for Keep.
  • 400: Ash Wednesday
    We didn't expect this episode to be so _religious_, but what else did you expect from our 400th episode? We're celebrating our podcast about Google just as a recent ex-Googler spills the I-just-quit tea to everyone willing to read.

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