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The Untold

Podcast The Untold
Podcast The Untold

The Untold


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  • Should GLOR1A give up her dreams?
    GLOR1A has always dreamed of becoming a singer. Growing up in a Pentecostal Christian family near Blackpool, music was always part of her life and she spent her childhood summers performing on the pier before heading off to university to study business, finance and economics. But the siren call of music remained strong, with GLOR1A eventually moving to London and recording vocals for house music producers. Often unpaid and feeling overlooked, Gloria was close to giving up until she met Gaika, a musician and visual artist who encouraged her to find her own sound. She released her first EP as GLOR1A, starting to find her creative voice and a more experimental sound and look. Things were going well. So well, in fact, that she quit her day job in February 2020. Four weeks later the world shut down and with it all her gigs and income disappeared. With no money coming in, she reluctantly left London and moved in with her dad. Two years later with her savings depleted and no home to call her own, GLOR1A gave herself an ultimatum; six months to get her music to a level where she can find a label to back her, try and get a publishing deal and build back the momentum she needs to make singing a sustainable career. Now the six months is nearly up, can she do it or should she give up her dreams? Produced and presented by Emily Dicks
  • The Birdhouse
    We’ve all done it, at some point: You walk past a shabby, ruined building, with boarded up windows and peeling paint, and you think: 'That could be really beautiful if we could only fix it up'. It’s a very human kind of fantasy. To take something shabby, and broken, and neglected, and make it beautiful, and loved once again. Whether it's your local crumbling church, a dusty old cinema, or a pub that's seen better days, we've all thought about buying it up, turning it around, and making it a focal point for a community who could come to love it. For most of us though, these are just passing fantasies, idle daydreams on a daily walk. But some people turn that dream into reality… Abbe is a musician and music teacher, in Exeter. Just behind her house is a small but very beautiful Georgian park, with pristine lawns, a rose garden, and a 100-year old wisteria archway. It's also got a Gatehouse; a beautiful old building at the entrance to the park. But it's covered in graffiti, with boarded up windows and rusting railings. The local kids smash the roof-tiles for fun, and mould creeps up the walls. It's been out of use for decades, but Abbe sees so much potential in it, and dreams of what it COULD be: a sweet little community cafe, and a meeting-hub for local groups. Abbe is a busy woman; juggling her career, her band, and now a new baby. Can she take on the mammoth task of restoring the Gatehouse too? Produced and presented in Bristol by Emily Knight
  • The Suing Seafarer
    When P&O Ferries suddenly fired its staff on the spot on 17th March, there was an outcry from politicians, unions and the press with widespread scathing condemnation of the company. P&O claimed it had made huge losses during the pandemic and that its current business model was unsustainable. It offered severance packages but the nearly 800 staff who accepted them also needed to agree not to make any legal claims against P&O or talk to the media. Sous chef John Lansdown was the only staff member to reject the redundancy offer and to fight P&O, and their Dubai-based parent company DP World, in the courts for 'Unfair Dismissal'. As the only person speaking out, John was quickly thrown into the media spotlight for a rollercoaster ride he wasn't prepared for. He's also been navigating his legal options and coming to terms with the abrupt end of a relationship with P&O - which he joined as a 16 year old an apprentice chef - and a crew which was his second family. Untold producer Neil McCarthy follows John through the ups and downs of these turbulent 8 weeks as he prepares for a lengthy battle. With additional recording by Sara Parker
  • Trouble at the Barbers
    The covid-19 lockdowns were brutal for small businesses. They were particularly tough for barbers. In an industry when getting up-close and personal is the only way to get the job done, the business of hair-cutting was simply unworkable. Phil, a barber in Pudsey, West Yorkshire, knows that the gentleman's shaves, haircuts, skin-fades and beard-trims he offers can be so much more than just personal grooming - they can be a much needed self-esteem boost, a chance to chat to a sympathetic ear, or a moment of peace on a tough day. In March 2020, finding himself shut down like the rest of the industry, Phil was keen to find a way to stay connected to his customers, haircuts or no haircuts. He took to facebook and - reluctantly at first - started hosting live chat sessions... just a chance to connect, chill out and have a chat. As the world went in, then out, then back in to successive waves of lockdowns, Phil felt he was making it work. Weathering the storm, and making the best of a bad situation. But June 2021 was to bring a shock that no-one could have predicted, and which might just be the final straw. Produced in Bristol by Emily Knight
  • Island Warden Wanted
    If you look out to the horizon from the coast of South Wales or North Somerset, you see two bumps on the horizon - one tall and one flat. These are the islands of Steep Holm and Flat Holm - the former is English, the latter Welsh. Since 2018, Mat Brown has been the warden of Flat Holm - an island of just 500m across, mainly populated by gulls. He is responsible for the island's nature reserve, its buildings (which include a lighthouse, a foghorn cottage, a Victorian barracks and a ruined cholera hospital), its tiny museum and its tinier pub. With the help of a team of volunteers, he welcomes daytrippers and conservationists to the island and maintains the natural and built environment. After four years of island life, he's decided that it's time to return to the mainland. Who will take on this very unique job and how will they fare? Produced by Mair Bosworth for BBC Audio

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