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Podcast After Hours

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  • Woke CEOs—the Backlash
    In this episode, Felix, Mihir and Semafor’s Liz Hoffman debate the backlash against woke CEOs. Did America’s corporate leaders go too far when they embraced broad social and political goals? Does corporate activism ultimately undermine political action? What’s the cost of cutting business ties with corporations that are deemed too woke? Plus, we ask Liz Hoffman about her new book, Crash Landing: The Inside Story of How the World’s Biggest Companies Survived an Economy on the Brink.
  • After Hours Special: The Crisis in Banking
    Mihir and Felix think about the current crisis in banking. Why did Silicon Valley Bank fail? Is the demise of Credit Suisse a result of the contagion in the United States? And what’s the future of banking? Will the big banks get even bigger? Even more prone to fail? Would we be better off if all deposits were insured? If banks were kept to a smaller size?
  • Primary Care Acquisitions and Wage Compression
    Felix, Mihir and Charlotte Howard of The Economist consider why retailers are buying primary care providers and if wage compression will last and what it means for the economy.
  • Finally-- A Clinically-Proven Way to Lose Weight. Now what?
    Felix, Mihir and The Economist’s Charlotte Howard debate the merits of a new class of weight-loss drugs that drastically lower a person’s weight. Is this incredible scientific advance the solution to the obesity epidemic that is sweeping the planet? Should health insurance companies cover the pricey drugs? Will obesity become even more prevalent now that we have effective medication? Plus, we discuss the roller coaster that is Moderna. What’s next for one of the pandemic’s biggest winners? Is there a life post generous government support? 
  • The Promise and Peril of AI
    Felix, Sarah and Mihir discuss Chat GPT, if AI is truly transformational, the future of search, and how to digitally detox from all this AI talk. 

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