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Inside Out Empowerment

Podcast Inside Out Empowerment
Podcast Inside Out Empowerment

Inside Out Empowerment


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  • 34: Handling Negative Emotions, DBT, Ego and how we're stretching; guest interview on Hearts Over Evertything Podcast with Eric Rias, Benny Torres, Alexandria Roemer and Liz Corvino - IOE 34
    Eric Rias is a personal trainer and total life optimization coach that has produced tons of excellent self-development content. This guest interview on Eric and Benny's show "Hearts Over Everything" was particularly special becuase Joshua was able to get Alexandria Roemer and Liz Corvino mic'd up as well for a vulnerable look into what makes us influencers tick. 
  • 33: How to be more alpha, Instagram evolution and bodybuilding mentality with Damen Griffith - IOE 33
    Damen Griffith is a Body Builder, Instagram Influencer, Business Coach and fitness entrepreneur. Listen to Damen and Joshua Nussbaum chop it up discussing how Damen has achieved success in the fitness industry, how to be different on instagram and where these two first met. This inspiring pair is worth the download and listen! Damen IG:
  • 32: Hard times make strong men with Stefan Aarnio - IOE 32
    Self Help Author, speaker, real estate investor and business man Stefan Aarnio is a true renaissance man. Sitting down with Joshua Nussbaum he breaks down how and why difficult times make for a higher caliber of individual with stronger character.
  • 31: IOE #31: Adaptability and Grit, Travis Jones' Road To Success
    This week's IOE episode #31 features Travis Jones - a serial entrepreneur, major risk taker, business commentator and health and wellness trail blazer. Travis put everything on the line when he founded his first business, Result Based Training, a specialist body transformation gym in South Melbourne, Australia. Travis has true grit and is such a tried and true entrepreneur, breaking it down for us on how to start small and dream big. His dreams have now become his reality. Teamed up with his wife and business partner, Liv, he has continued to build his empire beginning with Think Tank Australi,a growing from $0 dollars, to having a $1.5 million turnover within its first year. The couple has also turned another start-up , Attain Digital Agency, into a major success within its recent launch of 2017, their digital digital marketing agency began producing over $500,000 of sales before their website even went live! Listen to host Joshua Nussbaum's conversation with Travis Jones as they discuss what it takes to succeed. Connect with Travis is on Instagram: @travisjonesentepreneur SUMMARY OF TAKE AWAYS -Travis’s background -Travis elaborating on his podcast future -tips on how to be a guest on a podcast -how a business can succeed -why businesses fail -background on Travis’s online training program -what it is like for Travis to run the business with his wife, Liv -tackling obstacles and opportunities -how Travis’s family impacts his motivation -what it takes to be a leader and why leadership is so important NOTABLE QUESTIONS/LESSONS -Why are you doing podcasts right now? (2:05) -If you’re thinking of doing a podcast, just do it. (16:47) -You know what is more inspiring than the guy on the top of the mountain? The person fighting through it. The person you’re rooting for. (20:32) -A lot of people that have a one trick pony and figure something out that works, don’t continue to figure out more stuff that works. (22:39) -Why do most businesses fail? (31:33) -One thing that stood out the most about you is you’re doing this all with your partner in crime (wife). Explain that dynamic to me. (46:17) -Give me an example of an obstacle and give me an example of how you would treat that obstacle like an opportunity. (53:40) -The opportunity is always on the other side of the obstacle because the feedback is the obstacle. (57:26) -What piece are you most excited for in your life? What is driving you? (57:47) -What is one action someone can take to live a more empowered life?(1:04:54)
  • 30: IOE #30: How to get started - cutting through the BS with Thai Gaon
    Getting to help a motivated young dude like Thai is the reason this podcast exists in the first place. The advice was aimed at him and the business was centered around Thai's Videography and Video editing but these powerful gems that shook loose are almost universal… Thai Gaon- []( NOTABLE LESSONS/QUESTIONS -My number one piece of advice I give to people that are getting tripped up in analysis paralysis is to stop doing all of the things you need to do before doing something and skip to the finish line. (10:30) -The gap when your inner world is very different from your outer world is action. That’s how you bridge the gap between what you want and what you have. (19:47)

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