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  • Rising Rents and Energy Bills
    The BBC understands that the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, is expected to extend the Energy Price Guarantee at current levels for a further three months- but what does that mean for your energy bills? One of the UK's biggest flat share websites has told Money Box that rents are rising very fast: up almost 13% last year. In January 2022, the average UK monthly rent listed on SpareRoom was just over £650. By January this year it had risen to almost £750 pounds a month. We'll hear from them and also speak to a renter and landlord. And, as food inflation rises, we'll also look at what kind of impact that's having on household finances? Dan Whitworth speaks to supermarket shoppers in Halifax. Presenter: Felicity Hannah Reporters: Dan Whitworth and Star MacFarlane Researchers: Sandra Hardial and Jo Krasner Editor: Jess Quayle (First broadcast 12pm Saturday 4th March, 2023)
  • Money Box Live: Working Over 50
    The Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, is expected to introduce measures in his March Budget to encourage people who have retired early to return to work in-order to help revive the economy. In this podcast, we speak to people who are retired, people who are over 50 and looking for a new job, and some who are continuing to work after 70. With them, we identify what the barriers are keeping them out of work, and what the incentives are to keep them in the workforce. The experts on the panel are, Kim Chaplain, specialist advisor for work at the Centre for Ageing Better, and Adrian Adair, chief operating officer at Morson Group. Presenter: Felicity Hannah Producer: Amber Mehmood Researcher: Dan Bater Editor: Jess Quayle (First broadcast 3pm Wednesday 1st March, 2023)
  • Over 50s Workers and Faulty Prepayment Meters
    The Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, is expected to use his Budget on March 15th to introduce measures to to encourage people over 50 to return to work. Since 2019 there has been a rise in the number of people defined as economically inactive. That means they are not working, self-employed, or looking for work to claim benefits. The number rose by 830,000 between 2019 and 2022, with three quarters of that increase among those aged 50 and over. The Department for Work and Pensions has a programme to encourage people over 50 back into work by offering help with health support, pension planning and flexible working opportunities. Clare Worden visits Shrewsbury Job Centre to find out more. Some energy customers are being left for months with faulty prepayment meters. Several people have told Money Box that although their electricity has not been disconnected the screens showing their credit has been blank since Christmas and they cannot top up, so they have no idea how much electricity they're using or what it is costing them. The law says suppliers should take 'appropriate action' within hours - arranging to fix or replace the meter. Or at the least to arrange an appointment. We'll get reaction from their suppliers and talk to Matt Cole from the Fuel Bank Foundation. And where should you put your money to make the most out of it? We'll talk savings with Anna Bowes from Savings Champion. Presenter: Paul Lewis Reporter: Clare Worden Researchers: Sandra Hardial and Jo Krasner Editor: Jess Quayle (First broadcast 12pm, Saturday 25th February, 2023)
  • Money Box Live: Your Pensions and Investments
    With the end of the tax year fast approaching, people are looking at their finances and investments. But in a cost of living crisis with unstable markets, are they performing, and how should we be investing? The experts on the panel are Sangita Chawla, Managing Director at Standard Life, and Kirsty Stone, Chartered Financial Adviser at The Private Office. Presenter: Adam Shaw Producer: Amber Mehmood Editor: Elisabeth Mahy (First broadcast 3pm, Wednesday 22nd February 2023)
  • Lasting Power of Attorney delays and Mortgages
    The Office of the Public Guardian has told Money Box it apologises to its customers for the distress caused by delays in dealing with applications for Lasting Powers of Attorney. Its target is turning them round in eight weeks. But its own website says people should expect to wait twenty. It also says it has recruited more staff to process applications and teams have been working around the clock to reduce wait times and are now registering around 18,000 more LPAs a month than before the pandemic. We'll hear from listeners and speak to a legal expert. If you're one of the millions of people who have a mortgage, or indeed would like to get one, you might have struggled to keep up with ongoing changes to the market in the last few months. In the past two weeks nine lenders have started offering fixed term deals at less than 4% while another has doubled the amount borrowers can overpay. We'll look at how they’re affecting new and existing customers. How should I invest? New research looks at active and passive investing, we'll speak to co-author Professor Crawford Spence of King's College London. And how can you avoid an huge estimated bill from your energy company? Presenter: Paul Lewis Reporter: Dan Whitworth Researchers: Sandra Hardial and Jo Krasner Editor: Jess Quayle (First broadcast 12pm Saturday 18th January, 2023)

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