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Podcast Relay FM - Clockwise

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  • 469: The Name of the Color Is Fingerprints
    Our computer and desk setups, the feature we'd add to iOS to make the biggest impact on how we use our iPhones, our device-protection habits, and whether the iPad is living up to its potential.
  • 468: I Got This Device Called a Baby
    The tech we use to sleep and wake, the small changes to iOS 16 we're excited about, our thoughts on an iPhone subscription plan, and our predictions RE: the end of iPhone and the last numbered iPhone model.
  • 467: Off-Road For Two Seconds
    Our thoughts on the Apple Watch Ultra, whether we do clean installs on our Macs, which iPhone 14s we're getting, and what we'd change about Apple's event presentations.
  • 466: The Least Social of Media
    Whether we'll use Twitter's new Twitter Circle feature, the least-exciting rumors for Apple's upcoming September event, social media services we're using more — not less — in the last year, and our thoughts on smartphones reaching their peak.
  • 465: A Mere Mortal
    Whether we put all our tech eggs in one Big Tech basket, the skills and philosophies we gained over the pandemic that we'll keep with us, our go-to pair of headphones or earbuds, and the consumer tech we'd take with us to space.

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