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Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know

Podcast Stuff You Should Know
Podcast Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know


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  • Must We Suffer Emotional Pain?
    It’s part of the human condition, to feel the pain of sorrow, loss, embarrassment. But isn’t it kind of weird that an overwhelming emotion can cause you physical discomfort or even pain? Turns out that depends on how you think about the mind and the body.See for privacy information.
  • Selects: Elephants: The Best Animals?
    Elephants are pretty much the best. Why? Josh and Chuck will let you know in great detail in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
  • How Attachment Theory Works
    A theory in the field of psychology has become so pervasive, it’s generally taken on faith that it’s true. It says that how your parents respond to you during a short window in your infancy has lifelong effects on your personality. Could this be correct?See for privacy information.
  • Short Stuff: Adam's Apples and Throat Lumps
    This week's short stuff is all about throat lumps and Adam's apples.See for privacy information.
  • Let's Talk About John DeLorean
    John DeLorean: visionary, car maker extraordinaire, buyer of large amounts of cocaine, provider of time machine chassis. There is a lot to understand about John DeLorean so let’s get busy.See for privacy information.

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Stuff You Should Know

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