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Podcast NPR: Up First

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  • Nashville Latest, Starbucks CEO Testifies, Disney Layoffs
    A devastated Nashville prays for victims of a mass shooting, longtime Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz faces a grilling from senators over unionization at his company after stepping down from his position and Disney lays off staff as part of a multibillion-dollar cost-saving scheme.
  • Nashville School Shooting, Israel Protests, Bank Failure Hearing
    Families grieve after a 28-year-old shooter killed three students and three adults at a Nashville school, Israel delays plans for a judicial overhaul and a U.S. Senate panel examines what went wrong at Silicon Valley Bank.
  • Israel Government Upheaval, Deadly Mississippi Tornado, Pras Michel Trial
    Mass protests spread across Israel after defense minister Yoav Gallant was sacked, Mississippi cleans up after a devastating tornado kills more than two dozen people and jury selection begins in the federal trial of Fugees founding member Pras Michel.
  • The Sunday Story presents: Taking Cover, an NPR investigation
    The worst Marine-on-Marine friendly fire incident in modern history happened during the war in Iraq. In Spring 2004, an explosion rocked a schoolhouse in the city of Fallujah. It left three dead and a dozen wounded. But you won't read about it in the history books. In fact, the event seems to have been scrubbed from the official record. So, why were the families of the deceased lied to? Why did the reports mysteriously disappear? And why do survivors still have to wonder about what happened that day? Today, we begin to uncover the truth. We bring you the first episode of Taking Cover, an investigative series from NPR's Embedded podcast. It's a story of betrayal, brotherhood and what's owed to families, the wounded, and the American public.
  • Migrant Deaths on Train, Teacher Shortage, Indian Opposition Leader Ousted
    Two migrants died, trapped with others inside a shipping container on a train in Texas. Poor pay, pandemic burn-out, and bitter politics are causing teachers to drop out of the profession leading to a shortage in schools. Indian Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi is ousted from Parliament, a day after he is found guilty for defamation.

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