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  • Ann Patchett on a remarkable friendship, the importance of Snoopy in her life, and much, much more.
    This week Angela talks to Ann Patchett about her book These Precious Days. Angie and Ann discuss her remarkable friendship with Sooki Raphael, whose work graces the cover of Ann's book. They also talk about why writing about happy people seems like a radical thing to do lately.
  • Emily Ratajkowski on why writing feels like a feminist act.
    This week Angela talks to model, entrepreneur and writer Emily Ratajkowski. She's written a new book called 'My Body,' that delves into the way Emily's image has been bought and sold, and the way this has impacted her. Angie and Emily talked about what feminism is, the role of mothers in how we see ourselves, and the writers they both love. You can purchase 'My Body' via the link on our website, Next time on Lit Up: Ann Patchett on These Precious Days.
  • Brendan Borrell on the race to the Covid vacine
    It's a big week here at Lit Up. Angie sits down with Brendan Borrell, author of The First Shots, The Epic Rivalries and Heroic Science Behind the Race to the Coronavirus Vaccine, a book she is publishing through her job as Editorial Director at Sugar23 books.  The First Shots bring us inside the world of the vaccine race, and will soon be adapted for HBO by Adam McKay (Succession, The Big Short, Anchorman). You can purchase the book via the link on our website, In two weeks: Emily Ratajkowski on her memoir, My Body.
  • Adrienne Westenfeld on Matrix, Harlem Shuffle, My Body, and other books you should read this Fall.
    This week on Lit Up, Angela brings on Esquire editor Adrienne Westenfeld to talk about the books you should read this Fall. Adrienne and Angie also talk about TV, Hobbits, the changing ways men are writing about masculinity, and a lot more. You can read Adrienne's writing in Esquire and on Next week: Brendan Borrell and The First Shots, his book about the COVID vaccine race.
  • Christine Pride and Jo Piazza on interracial friendship, and their new book, We Are Not Like Them.
    This week Angela welcomes Christine Pride and Jo Piazza on Lit Up to talk about their new book, We Are Not Like Them. They talk about their own interracial friendship, how it informed their book, and what it's like to write with another person. We Are Not Like Them is available now, and you can purchase it via the link on our website,

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