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The Ben and Ashley Almost Famous Podcast

Podcast The Ben and Ashley Almost Famous Podcast
Podcast The Ben and Ashley Almost Famous Podcast

The Ben and Ashley Almost Famous Podcast


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  • Bachelor Breaking News: The Departure of Mike Fleiss
    Jared and Ashley NEED to discuss the breaking news around the decision from Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss to move on from the franchise after more than 20 years.See for privacy information.
  • The Decision Maker with Serene Russell
    Ashley is joined by Serene Russell from Clayton’s season to help break down Zach’s finale as The Bachelor! Ashley holds nothing back when revealing what disappointed her about the finale, and we discuss the choice for the next Bachelorette. Plus, find out why Ariel’s confrontation with Zach was one of the biggest moments from the entire seasonSee for privacy information.
  • Almost Famous In Depth: Mykenna Dorn
    You first met Mykenna Dorn on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, but there is so much more to Mykenna than what you saw on TV! Ashley goes IN DEPTH to learn how the experience of the show changed Mykenna’s life… for the better or the worse. She shares some memories from Paradise that didn’t make the final cut, and we hear if a wedding might be coming for her and her new boyfriend!See for privacy information.
  • What Happens On Sex Week with Mykenna Dorn
    Mykenna Dorn from Peter Weber's season is here with Ben and Ashley to help break down what's become known as "Sex Week"!  What REALLY goes down in the Fantasy Suites?? We get a behind the scenes look from Ben on what goes down.  Plus, a major debate on whether Zach should have told Gabi about his big decision... what do you think??See for privacy information.
  • Almost Famous In Depth: Jess Girod
    We first met Jess Girod while trying to capture the heart of Zach Shallcross, but now Ben and Ashley are going IN DEPTH to find out more about one of our favorite contestants. Hear the story of how her mom thought she was being kidnapped when she went on the show.  And, Jess tells all about a private conversation she had with Zach just before everything ended between them.See for privacy information.

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The Ben and Ashley Almost Famous Podcast

The Ben and Ashley Almost Famous Podcast

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