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No One Knows Anything

Podcast No One Knows Anything
Podcast No One Knows Anything

No One Knows Anything

Alles rund um die Wahl.
Alles rund um die Wahl.

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  • Introducing ... The News
    BuzzFeed News has a new podcast: The News. Host Julia Furlan will catch you up on the week's news every Saturday morning. You can read more about the show here and make sure to subscribe to the show wherever you listen to No One Knows Anything. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To 2016
    For their final episode of the podcast, Kate and Charlie talk about a few stories that have dominated the last year: Facebook and Russia. BuzzFeed News political editor Katherine Miller joins them to break down how central Facebook actually is to our lives and our political decisions. Then, we get an update on the Russia investigation and wonder if 2016 will ever truly end.Take our audience survey at survey.panoply.fmLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Trump vs. NFL, Facebook vs. Congress
    Charlie and Kate talk to BuzzFeed politics reporter Darren Sands about Trump's culture war with the NFL and how the kneeling debate has transcended its origins as a police brutality protest. Then they're joined by senior technology reporter Alex Kantrowitz to break down Facebook's awful few weeks in the spotlight over Russian interference. And finally, Kate asks Charlie about the (now-quiet) pro-Trump media and why he's having some problems writing about the trolls.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • The 'Rocket Man' And A Late Night TV Health Care Fight
    Charlie returns from vacation and Kate gives him a rapid-fire rundown of what he missed (a lot). Then, they're joined by BuzzFeed News' Paul McLeod to learn what exactly the Graham-Cassidy health care bill that's floating through Congress would do for Americans...and why Jimmy Kimmel is at the center of the fight. Then, Kate and Charlie talk to BuzzFeed News Deputy World editor Hayes Brown to recap what Trump and the U.N. are doing about the escalating crisis in North Korea.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Deals, Deals, Deals
    Kate is joined by BuzzFeed world news editor Hayes Brown, politics reporter Tarini Parti, and foreign affairs reporter John Hudson to talk about DACA dealmaking and Russia’s earnest attempt to make nice with the Trump Administration — starting with a bilateral working group on cybersecurity.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Alles rund um die Wahl.


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