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Podcast Global News Podcast

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  • King Charles's state visit postponed after pension protests in France
    There has been violence in some French cities in the latest round of demonstrations against proposals to raise the state pension age. Also: The US state of Utah gives parents control over their children's social media, and how a drawing by a Russian child sparked a police investigation.
  • US Congress harshly grills TikTok boss
    Video-sharing app accused of being an agent of the Chinese Communist party amid calls for it to be banned. Also: The Israeli prime minister vows to press ahead with his planned overhaul of the judiciary but says he wants to unite the country behind the changes, and the campaign in New Zealand to help youngsters navigate their breaks ups amicably.
  • Protests as Israel passes law which protects PM
    Israel's parliament has passed a law limiting how a prime minister can be removed from office. The Israeli opposition says the legislation is aimed at protecting the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu who is facing corruption charges. We hear the view of former Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Also: A Nigerian senator and his wife have been convicted of trafficking a man to harvest a kidney for their daughter, and the good and the bad news about drinking coffee.
  • Johnson denies lying to parliament over partygate
    The former British prime minister was grilled about whether he lied about breaching Covid lockdown rules. Also: The White House warns Uganda of possible economic repercussions if a new law banning people from identifying as LGBT comes into force, and could the mystery surrounding what killed Beethoven finally have been solved?
  • UN warns of looming global water crisis
    Overconsumption and climate change threaten future supplies. Also: Volodymr Zelensky visits Ukrainian troops near the embattled town of Bakhmut, Boris Johnson fights for his political life -- and everything you need to know about 3D cheesecake.

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