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  • Dr. Heather Lynn: Xenoarchaeology and the Interplanetary Search for Lost Civilizations
    WHO IS DR. HEATHER LYNN?Dr. Heather Lynn is an author, historian, and renegade archaeologist on a quest to discover what's behind the doors of perception. She is a professor teaching undergraduate courses in humanities, society, and other special topics. Her academic work concentrates on cognitive archaeology, consciousness, philosophy of mind, symbology, and the exploration of myth and art through a Jungian conceptual framework.Heather also writes books and articles on fringe topics including hidden history, ancient mysteries, mythology, the occult, and paleocontact theory. She is a regular guest on podcasts and radio programs like Coast to Coast AM and has been a historical consultant for television programs, including History’s Ancient Aliens.
  • Destiny: John Michael Greer: The Twilight of Pluto: Astrology & the Rise & Fall of Planetary Influences
    An examination of the waxing and waning influence of demoted planets• Explains in detail how the demotion or proved nonexistence of a planet marks the beginning of a roughly 30-year period in which that planet’s influence wanes• Explores Pluto’s arc of influence on individual and collective life in depth, from its discovery in 1930 to the end of its influence in 2036• Offers examples from other demoted planets, such as Ceres, whose fifty-year reign as a planet corresponds very closely to the Romantic Era of historyRecent research in astrology has shown that the discovery of a new planet correlates with the emergence of a new set of influences in individual and collective life. As John Michael Greer reveals, the opposite is also true: the demotion of a planet correlates with the decline of a set of influences into the background.Exploring the waxing and waning of planetary influences in astrology, Greer explains in detail how the demotion or proved nonexistence of a planet marks the beginning of a roughly 30-year period in which that planet’s influence fades out. He examines several examples of planet demotion, including Ceres, whose influence began to take shape some 30 years before its discovery in 1801 and gradually faded over the three decades following its demotion in the 1850s.Examining Pluto’s astrological influence in depth, from the beginning of the search for “Planet X” in 1900 to the end of its influence in 2036, the author shows how during the Plutonian era the concept of cosmos--from the ancient Greek meaning “that which is beautifully ordered”--was in eclipse. Pluto’s influence led to the rejection of unity, beauty, and order, exemplified through the splitting of the atom by physicists, the splitting of the individual into conscious and subconscious halves by psychoanalysts, and the splitting of the world into warring camps by politicians.Offering an essential guide not only to the astrology of the future but also to the twilight of the Plutonian era, Greer shows how as Pluto’s influence fades out in the years ahead, a great many disruptive phenomena of the recent past will fade with it.ohn Michael Greer is a writer, blogger, and independent scholar who has written more than 70 books, including The King in Orange, Circles of Power, and the award-winning New Encyclopedia of the Occult. A longtime student of astrology, he began working as a political astrologer in 2017. He lives in Rhode Island.
  • Rafael Eissmann: Forgotten Civilizations of South America
    Rafael Videla Eissmann (Chile, 1979) is a historian graduated from UniversidadCatólica de Chile. He has developed numerous anthropological and ethno-historical investigations on pre-Hispanic America, focusing his studies onmythology and symbols.Rafael is a member of the Berchtesgaden-based Privatinstitut fürWelteislehre (“Private Institute of Glacial Cosmogony”), of РОИПА (“RussianSociety for the Study of Atlantis”) and of the Italian cultural association AkakorGeographical Exploring.Among his main books are Crónica de la Montaña de Melimoyu (“Chronicle ofthe Mountain of Melimoyu”, 2003), Roberto Rengifo y el Secreto de la AméricaAborigen (“Roberto Rengifo and the Secret of Aboriginal America”, 2007), LaCosmogonía Glacial de Hörbiger y la Doctrina del Hielo Universal (“Hörbiger’sGlacial Cosmogony and the Universal Ice Doctrine”, 2007), El Diluvio y losgigantes. Mitos de Chile a la luz de la Cosmogonía Glacial (“The Deluge andthe Giants. Myths of Chile in the Light of Glacial Cosmogony”, 2010), Símbolosrúnicos en América. Con un prólogo de Vicente Pistilli (“Runic Symbols inAmerica”. With a Foreword by Vicente Pistilli. 2011), El Gran Diluvio. Mitosamericanos sobre la última catástrofe planetaria. Con un prólogo de MarcoNünemann (“The Great Flood. American Myths About the Last PlanetaryCatastrophe”. With a Foreword by Marco Nünemann. 2011), Mitos del PoloAntártico. Cosmogonía y antropogonía de la civilización prediluvial (“Myths ofthe Antarctic Pole. Cosmogony and Anthropogony of the PrediluvialCivilization”, 2012), La Ciudad de los Césares y el misterio de los indiosblancos (“The City of the Caesars and the Mystery of the White Indians”, 2012),Los Dioses Extraterrestres y el regreso de B’olon Yokte’ K’uh. Con un prólogode Erich von Däniken (“The Extraterrestrial Gods and the Return of B’olonYokte’ K’uh”. With a Foreword by Erich von Däniken. 2013), Los lituches. Latradición de los hombres-dioses del sur del mundo. Con un prólogo de Erichvon Däniken (“The Lituches. The Tradition of the God-Men of the South of theWorld”. With a Foreword by Erich von Däniken. 2014), El Símbolo Sagrado delSol (“The Sacred Symbol of the Sun”, 2014), Antártida, Arquinesia y laAtlántida. Aproximaciones al poblamiento americano (“Antarctica, Arquinesiaand Atlantis. Approaches to American Peopling”, 2017), Irminsul. Simbolismoen torno al origen de la raza polar (“Irminsul. Symbolism Around the Origin ofthe Polar Race”, 2017) and La tradición sagrada de los ugha mongulala.Tatunca Nara y el misterio amazónico (“The Sacred Tradition of the UghaMongulala. Tatunca Nara and the Amazon Mystery”, 2018) –among others–.Rafael is also a contributor to the magazines Sagenhafte Zeiten from Germany,PaleoSETI from Canada and Ancient America from the United States.Contact: [email protected]://
  • Destiny: Dr. Matthew McKay, Love and Heaven on Earth
    About the book:• Shows how the certainty of change and loss can support rather than diminish love• Shares practices and meditations to help love endure in the face of loss, disappointment, change, or any of the ways relationships and circumstances are altered by time• Explores how to cultivate gratitude for every expression of love we encounter, strengthen compassion for others, and recognize the power of love after lifeCollaborating with his late son, Jordan, psychologist Matthew McKay offers five ways to keep love alive in a world of impermanence. He explores how to see and know what we love, how to actively care for what we love, how to have compassion for the suffering of others, how to set the daily intention to act with love, and how to turn toward rather than away from the pain of impermanence. McKay shares practices and meditations to help love endure in the face of loss, disappointment, change, or any of the ways relationships and circumstances are altered by time. He examines what love is and is not, including how not to mistake yearning and neediness for love, sex for love, and attraction to beauty for love. He shows how to cultivate gratitude for every expression of love we encounter, learn to care for things we don’t like, and recognize the power of love after life--a love that reaches beyond death. He also provides concrete exercises for communicating with and channeling messages from loved ones who have crossed over.Ultimately, McKay shows that, by running from pain, we run from love. By avoiding pain, we lose the pathway to connection. Yet, by recognizing love in the heart of pain and loss, by knowing that change and impermanence are inevitable, we can navigate life with a compass pointing to love as true north, learning to love more deeply and making what we love more cherished.Matthew McKay, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, professor of psychology at the Wright Institute, founder of the Berkeley CBT Clinic, and cofounder of the Bay Area Trauma Recovery Clinic, which serves low-income clients. He has authored and coauthored more than 40 books, including The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook, Seeking Jordan, and The Luminous Landscape of the Afterlife. The publisher of New Harbinger Publications, he lives in Berkeley, California.
  • Stephen W. Hurrell: The Hidden History of Earth Expansion
    For more than half a century a small group of science innovators struggled to convince us that continents were once joined together on the ancient Earth. Then virtually all opposition collapsed when the radical theory of continental drift was widely acknowledged as a major revolution in scientific thinking.But some science innovators continued to argue that there was an even more astonishing possibility. They saw evidence that continental drift was caused by the Earth expanding in size.This is their hidden history.'I took great pleasure in reading this collection, and in agreeing, or sometimes disagreeing, with ideas and conclusions of the contributors. It is the sort of work that can help open minds that are unduly closed'Chris Cunningham - author of Climate Change and the Cargo Cult'All in all, this latest book is a timely addition to Expanding Earth theory, and it is pretty obvious our understanding of tectonics, whether global or local, remain incomplete. The book is highly recommended'Louis Hissink - NCGT Journal editor'Stephen Hurrell has done a great service to the science community: he has captured the history of expansion tectonics before it is lost. This truly would be a shame given it will eventually become the dominant geological theory. The book is a who's who in expansion tectonics with a treasure trove of historical information, photos and documents'David de Hilster - JCNPS President'The book - Hidden History of Earth expansion - exceeded my expectations. I learned about several authors I had not noticed before. It is in the context of history and individual stories that the findings presented sound much more convincing and engaging'Dominik Katona - Amazon ReviewerStephen W. Hurrell was a Design Engineer working at the UK's Electricity Research Centre when he first became interested in the structural strength of dinosaurs. This developed into the concept of a Reduced Gravity Earth and a life long interest in developing various methods to calculate palaeogravity. He has interacted with many Earth expansionists to argue that palaeogravity must be related to Earth expansion and this implies it was caused by the mass increase of the Earth. Details of his latest work are available on his web site

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