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The Minimalists

Podcast The Minimalists
Podcast The Minimalists

The Minimalists


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  • Do Old Clothes Have an Expiration Date?
    Joshua and Ryan talk about putting an expiration date on old clothes. Listen to the full episode at
  • 315 | Expired Things
    Joshua and Ryan talk about expired food, expired medications, expired possessions, and expired daily habits, and they answer the following questions: How can we appropriately manage the expiration dates of everything in our lives? (00:00) Is the expiration date listed on food the last day it can be used? (06:57) How do I appropriately let go of perishable items that no longer serve me, especially when there was a degree of expense involved? (13:45) What do you consider clutter? (15:21) What can we do about expired sources of content, such as a blog with dated viewpoints, narratives, and opinions? (17:42) How do we determine when we’ve entered a new season in life and it’s time to let go of hobbies, friendships, and dreams of past seasons? (21:41) Detailed show notes: Support The Minimalists:
  • What Would The Minimalists Buy with Unlimited Money?
    Joshua and Ryan discuss what they might purchase if they had unlimited funds. Listen to the full episode at
  • 314 | Luxury Items
    Joshua and Ryan talk about so-called luxury items—desiring them, purchasing them, clinging to them, understanding them, and letting go of them—and they answer the following questions: How do you define “luxury item”? (01:10) How do we differentiate between luxury, elegance, and trendy? (06:04) As my fiance and I are creating our wedding registry, how do we ensure we don’t fall into the trap of exploiting the kindness of others for luxury items that will just fill the areas we just decluttered? (11:09) What is “expensive pain”? (13:23) What is an “alternative registry”? (15:44) Is crowdsourcing a reasonable way to fund a honeymoon? (17:07) Why do some pursue luxury instead of living within their means? (20:29) What is “low-grade misery”? (36:02) What is the ultimate luxury? (36:49) Detailed show notes: Support The Minimalists:
  • How Do I Leave My Job Now?
    Joshua and Ryan discuss the folly of contemplating the "perfect" time to leave a job with career expert, author, and Ramsey personality Ken Coleman. Listen to the full episode at

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